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Hello, and thanks for visiting our website!

Who Are We and What’s This Site About?

We are a young, 30-something couple, Anli and Erma, currently living in Northern Italy, a place with mountains, rivers, lakes, and great hiking trails. You’ll also find a beautiful sea if you are willing to travel a few miles south.

We are so enthusiasts of all these natural “wonders” that we’re always ready to escape the city and start a new outdoor adventure as soon as work and everyday life permit.

river in our city
(A River in Our City)

Being outdoor lovers, we understand the importance of proper outdoor wear and equipment, how it can affect our activity, and how difficult it is sometimes to find the right products.

On this website, we write about our experience with various outdoor clothing and gear. This way we’ll also hopefully help you better understand the main brands that the market currently offers and their products. Our site is based mostly on our experience, but also on online and offline research.

We have categorized our articles into various topics (we’ll update them frequently and add new ones if needed):

  • Reviews,
  • Brand collections,
  • Brands / Products Comparisons,
  • Materials,
  • Hiking / Camping Tips.

We love writing these articles and we hope you find them useful and that they’ll help you have the best outdoor experience!

PS: you can contact us here for every question or suggestion, or if you want to say “Hi”.

PPS: here are some photos we take from time to time on our outdoor adventures:

albania-2-1 albania-1-1 albania-6-1 albania-5-1 albania-4-1 albania-3-1

Design Resources

Here we also have some illustrations, backgrounds, etc., of mountains, hiking trails, and more. They’re free to download and use:

60+ Mountain Illustration Backgrounds (Free Download)

70+ Forest Illustration Backgrounds (Free Download)

60+ Misty Forest Illustration Backgrounds

70+ Spring Season Illustration Backgrounds

70+ Vintage Mountain Illustration Backgrounds

60+ Easter Illustration Backgrounds

70+ Autumn Illustration Backgrounds

100+ Flowers Illustration Backgrounds

60+ Blue Flowers Illustration Backgrounds

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