20+ Easy Urban Hiking Ideas You Should Try

urban hiking ideas

Urban hiking is a great way to explore the hidden corners of a city, take in its unique culture, and get some exercise at the same time.

Here are 20+ urban hiking ideas that can be adapted to most cities including yours.

Each of these urban hiking ideas offers a unique way to engage with the city’s environment and can provide a fresh perspective on urban living.

Let’s get started!

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Berghaus vs Arc’teryx (Outdoor Gear Comparison)

Berghaus vs Arcteryx Outdoor Gear Comparison

Berghaus and Arc’teryx have a rich history of innovation and quality.

Berghaus, with its British roots, has been outfitting adventurers since 1966, pioneering technologies like the internal frame rucksack and integrating Gore-Tex into its apparel early on.

On the other hand, Arc’teryx, born from the rugged landscapes of Canada, has been an icon of progress and originality since 1989. Known for its premium materials and meticulous design, Arc’teryx has set a high bar for outdoor gear performance.

Let’s explore these brands in detail to find out which may be better and why!

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8 Signs You Are an Outdoor Person

signs you are an outdoor person

Some people feel most alive when they’re basking in the sun or trekking through a dew-laden forest. They have a natural inclination towards the outdoors and often seek the serenity of nature over the bustle of city life.

For these outdoor enthusiasts, it’s not just a preference but a way of being. The signs of an outdoor person are easily seen in their daily choices and reactions to different environments.

One might spot an outdoor person by their vigor when planning a camping trip or their enthusiasm when talking about their latest hike. They are often found exploring new trails or simply enjoying a peaceful afternoon by a lakeside.

These people flourish under the open sky!

Signs that one is truly an outdoor person can be subtle or quite clear. Traits like a deep appreciation for natural landscapes, and a certain disdain for spending too much time indoors are tell-tale indicators.

They may also possess a practical skill set, like knowing how to tie functional knots or navigate through wooded areas, that affirms their affinity for the great outdoors.

Let’s explore some traits of a true outdoor person!

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Berghaus vs Columbia: Which Brand is Better?

Berghaus vs Columbia outdoor gear comparison.jpg

Berghaus, with its British roots and history of innovation since 1966, has a reputation for high-quality, durable gear for serious outdoor enthusiasts.

Columbia Sportswear, an American legacy since 1938, offers a broad range of outdoor apparel for a variety of activities, balancing technology with affordability.

In this article, we compare these brands to find out which of the two might serve you better and why.

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6 Signs You Are an Excellent Hiker: The Unmistakable Marks of a Trailblazer

signs you are an excellent hiker

Identifying a true hiking enthusiast is often as straightforward as observing their weekend plans or a glimpse at their social media feed. Trailblazers, those who seek out paths less traveled, can be recognized by certain unmistakable signs.

Their passion for the great outdoors isn’t just a pastime; it’s a defining part of their identity. They are the ones who see a mountain range and immediately feel the pull to explore, who embrace the unpredictability of nature as a welcome challenge rather than an obstacle.

They are prepared for every trek, armed not just with a sturdy pair of boots but with an unwavering resolve to conquer new terrains. This readiness goes beyond physical preparations; it’s a mindset of enthusiasm and endurance.

Trailblazers understand that hikes are not measured solely by distance or elevation gain, but by the experiences and self-discovery they entail.

With an insatiable appetite for adventure, true hiking enthusiasts often become informal ambassadors of the wilderness, inspiring others through their journeys.

They possess a deep-seated respect for the environment, practicing and promoting Leave No Trace principles to ensure trails and natural spaces are preserved for future generations.

Their love for trekking is infectious, and their knowledge of the trails is extensive, often serving as a valuable resource to fellow hikers seeking advice.

Let’s explore the traits of an excellent hiker!

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Berghaus vs Patagonia: Which Brand is Better?

Berghaus vs Patagonia outdoor gear comparison

Berghaus and Patagonia are two brands that stand out for their reliable outdoor equipment.

Berghaus, with its roots in the rugged landscapes of the United Kingdom, has been outfitting explorers since 1966 with innovative designs like the Cyclops rucksack and the Gemini jacket.

Patagonia, born from the climbing culture of the American West, has become famous all over the world with its deep commitment to sustainability and quality gear.

Both brands have developed a range of technologies and materials aimed at enhancing your outdoor experience, but they also differ in their approaches and philosophies.

In this article, we explore their histories, products, and values to find out which is the better option and when.

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Berghaus vs RAB: Which is Better?

Berghaus vs RAB outdoor gear comparison

In the world of outdoor gear, two British iconic names, Berghaus and RAB, stand out for their exceptional contributions to outdoor apparel and equipment.

Berghaus, established in 1966, revolutionized the market with its innovative designs, such as the Gemini jacket with a zip-in fleece, and its rucksacks.

RAB, founded in 1981 by climber Rab Carrington, caters to the technical demands of serious mountaineers with its high-performance gear.

Choosing between RAB and Berghaus often comes down to the type of adventure you’re embarking on and the specific gear requirements it entails.

In this article, we’ll compare these brands to help you decide which is the right fit for you.

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