20+ Easy Urban Hiking Ideas You Should Try

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urban hiking ideas

Urban hiking is a great way to explore the hidden corners of a city, take in its unique culture, and get some exercise at the same time.

Here are 20+ urban hiking ideas that can be adapted to most cities including yours.

Each of these urban hiking ideas offers a unique way to engage with the city’s environment and can provide a fresh perspective on urban living.

Let’s get started!

1. Historical Districts Tour

Map out a route that takes you through the city’s most historic neighborhoods. Stop to read any plaques and learn about the architecture and events that shaped the area.

2. Public Art Trail

Seek out the city’s public art installations, from murals to sculptures, and create a hike that lets you see as many as possible.

3. Waterfront Promenade

If your city is near a body of water, hike along the river, lake, or seafront. Enjoy the views and the breeze.

4. Park to Park

Connect as many city parks as possible in a single hike, enjoying the green spaces amid the urban environment.

5. Stairway Walk

Many cities have hidden public staircases. Find them and create a challenging route that takes you up and down these urban climbs.

6. Cultural Cuisine Crawl

Plan a hike that stops at various ethnic neighborhoods or districts known for certain types of food. Try a small bite in each area.

7. Skyline Views

Find public access to high points, such as hills or buildings with observation decks, to hike to and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

urban hiking ideas

8. Street Art Alleyways

Explore alleyways known for their vibrant street art and graffiti. These areas often have a lot of character and tell stories about the city.

9. Bridge Circuit

If your city has multiple bridges, plan a route that crosses over them, giving you different perspectives of the city from each one.

10. University Campus Tour

Hike through a local university campus. They often have beautiful architecture, public art, and manicured gardens.

11. Historical Homes

Visit neighborhoods known for their well-preserved historical homes or famous residences from the past.

12. Cemetery Exploration

Older cities often have historic cemeteries that can be fascinating to explore, with impressive monuments and landscaping.

13. Street Performance Route

Find areas where street performers gather and create a hike that allows you to enjoy various performances along the way.

14. Architectural Highlights

Focus on the city’s unique architecture, from skyscrapers to historic buildings, and plan your hike to pass by these landmarks.

urban hiking ideas

15. Literary Trail

Follow in the footsteps of famous authors and poets who lived in or wrote about the city. Visit their former homes, the settings of their stories, or monuments dedicated to them.

16. Movie Scene Tour

Create a hike based on locations where famous movies were filmed. You can often find maps or apps dedicated to movie scene locations in popular cities.

17. Music Mile

Walk a route that takes you past historic music venues, record stores, and other music-related landmarks. You might even catch some live street music along the way.

18. Garden and Greenhouse Tour

Many cities have botanical gardens, conservatories, and greenhouses that can be strung together in a single hike, offering a look at both local and exotic plant life.

19. Eco-Friendly Spotlights

Focus on sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives around the city, such as community gardens, green buildings, and renewable energy projects.

20. Rooftop Gardens and Bars

Many cities have embraced rooftop green spaces. Plan a route that lets you visit these elevated oases.

21. Iconic Signage Hunt

Big cities often have iconic signs, like theater marquees or historic neon signs. Make a list and take a hike to find them.

urban hiking ideas

22. Urban Wildlife Safari

Seek out city parks and preserves where you can spot urban wildlife. Many cities have bird sanctuaries, ponds with turtles, or areas known for their squirrels and rabbits.

23. Faith and Worship Trail

Visit the city’s diverse places of worship, from grand cathedrals and synagogues to mosques and temples, appreciating the architectural beauty and peaceful surroundings.

24. Rail-to-Trail Paths

Many cities have converted old railway lines into walking and biking trails. These can often provide a scenic and historical hike through different parts of the city.

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