11 Brands like The North Face: Our Top Alternatives

woman wearing winter jacket on a field

We know that The North Face fans love quality products that deliver outstanding performance and style. They love exploring the extreme side of nature and always want gear that they can rely on.

To give you more options, today we created a list of 11 brands similar to The North Face that we’re sure you’ll love.

These brands create outdoor gear that protects you from the harsh side of mother nature using premium, sustainable materials combined with innovative technology.

Let’s check them out!

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Lowa vs Meindl Hiking Boots: Which is Better?

Lowa vs Meindl Hiking Boots

Hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, and most outdoor activities usually bring fond memories. You wouldn’t want to ruin them with a pair of unbearable boots.

Purchasing the right boots will not only make your trip uphill easier, but safer as well since they come with a better grip. There’s a large array of boot brands to choose from.

Today, we’ll be exploring and comparing two of the top brands in the boot market, Lowa vs. Meindl hiking boots. They both come from Germany!

Continue reading to learn which one is better for you.

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10 Norwegian Jackets & Clothing Brands that You’ll Love

man hiking in mountain trail

Shopping for new outfits can be quite a hassle. You can’t decide which brand would have the better deal? Better quality? And if you buy clothes, will they last a long time?

That’s why to help you answer these questions, today we’ve researched and selected 10 Norwegian jacket and clothing brands that you should definitely check out.

You’ll find jackets and great outdoor apparel in these brands’ collections that have been tested and can take on harsh winters, the type of weather you can find in Norway.

Let’s begin!

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8 European Hiking Boots & Shoes Brands: Our Top Picks

Hiker wearing German Meindl shoes

With lots of outdoor footwear models, hiking boots and shoes should have unique characteristics to support your feet on the trail.

These boots should be designed to provide your feet with the best traction and support on the most challenging terrains. They should also be waterproof, breathable, and comfortable.

Because we know that finding the right pair of hiking boots can totally change your hiking experience, we’ve gathered information about 8 of the best European hiking boots and shoes brands on the market.

Keep on reading to learn about the special traits of each one to pick your next pair.

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10 Italian Clothing & Jacket Brands for Outdoor Activities

woman hiking on the mountains

Many people like to spend their time outdoors or at the gym. And there is nothing worse than being in the middle of a workout when your clothes tear.

You want something that will look good but will also survive your active lifestyle.

So, if you’re an active person, here are 10 Italian clothing & jacket brands for outdoor activities.

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9 Outdoor Brands like Arc’teryx: Our Favorites

people hiking on snowy mountain

Arc’teryx is a famous Canadian brand and those who practice mountain sports and outdoor activities have surely heard about it. The company has a history that started in 1989 and over the years it has provided the outdoor market with a wide range of innovative products.

We have talked about this brand in many of our articles the reason for it being the importance of its name in every outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe.

Today, we want to bring you even more brand options to choose from. We have selected 9 brands that are similar to Arc’teryx to keep in mind as other alternatives for your next piece of gear to help you on your new adventure.

So, let’s get started right away!

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