9 Swedish Outdoor Clothing and Jackets Brands: Our Favorites

town buildings in Sweden

Are you a fan of Swedish culture? No one does it better than Sweden when it comes to outdoor clothing! Why? Mainly because of their landscape.

Sweden is a beautiful Nordic country that embraces its nature and woods. That is why Swedes needed to adapt through sturdy clothing that is fit for their environment.

In this post, we shed light on several Swedish outdoor clothing and jacket brands that you need to check out, so stick around.

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13 Scandinavian Jacket & Clothing Brands that You’ll Love

woman hiking in Norway in mountain trail

There’s a wide selection of jacket and clothing brands in the market, and skimming over all the products can be quite a challenge. Not to mention how time-consuming that would be.

That’s why to help you choose the best brand for you, today we’ll focus our attention on the Scandinavian peninsula and its jacket and clothing companies.

Brands from these countries are renowned for their rain and cold weather apparel, so we’re sure you’ll find something in their collections.

We’ve picked brands from each Scandinavian country so they are all represented in this selection.

Let’s take a look!

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9 European Backpack Brands for Hiking and Outdoor Activities

woman hiking wearing heavy backpack

Every outdoor adventurer knows the importance of a good backpack. And with billions of retail sales, finding the right backpack brand can be highly challenging.

A backpack should be comfortable to carry, functional, and also ticks the right boxes when it comes to looks.

Luckily, there are lots of good brands on the market that will keep all your gear organized, regardless of the purpose you’re using the backpack for.

This is why in this article we wanted to discuss 9 European backpack brands that you can check today if you’re interested in hiking and other outdoor activities.

These backpacks are made using reliable and durable materials to withstand harsh conditions, and at the same time, there are lots of cool models that you can pick from to match the rest of your outfit.

So, keep on reading to decide on the right brand for you.

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10 Brands like Dickies for Work & Outdoor Wear: Our Favorites

young man working outside

When you’re in the market for quality outdoor clothing and workwear, Dickies might be your first thought.

And rightfully so considering Dickies is one of the most popular workwear brands in the world!

However, there are cases where you won’t be able to find a Dickies store near you, or maybe you can’t find that particular shirt on their collections at that moment.

If that’s the case, today we have compiled 10 excellent brands similar to Dickies that we’re sure you’ll love!

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10 Boot Brands like Timberland that You’ll Love

Timberland Yellow boots collage

Timberland is known for manufacturing boots that are suitable for the do-ers and adventurers. You can rock their boots whether you’re on a working site or for a casual night with some friends.

The brand simply got all that you need. However, Timberland isn’t the only brand that can provide you with functionality and style.

So, if you’re looking for more brands like this, this article is for you. We gathered for you 10 boot brands like Timberland that you’ll love.

Let’s get started!

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Hanwag vs Meindl Boots: A Comparison

Hanwag vs Meindl Boots

During most of your morning hike, you’re probably looking up and admiring the view. You wouldn’t want to be looking down and bothered by how uncomfortable your shoes are.

Finding the right hiking boots doesn’t need to be a hassle. When buying any outdoor product, you might be checking the top brands and comparing them.

For example, you might be wondering which brand to choose between Hanwag and Meindl.

Well, continue reading to get an in-depth comparison between these two famous German footwear brands.

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10 Brands like Filson: Our Best Alternatives

a couple hiking on the mountains

Filson is one of the most well-known outerwear brands. They make all sorts of outdoor gear and apparel.

If you spend most of your time outdoors, you may run out of outfit combinations quickly.

Filson has a great selection of high-quality clothing, but there are also many other companies in the market that are worth considering for your next purchase.

So, if you’re looking for more designs, here’s a list of 10 brands like Filson that we think you’ll love.

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