Fjällräven Sten vs Skogsö: Which is Better?

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Fjallraven Sten vs Skogso jacket comparison

In the world of durable, functional, and classic-looking outdoor wear, Fjällräven stands out.

Among this brand’s collection, the Sten and Skogsö jackets have emerged as popular choices for hikers, trekkers, and urban explorers.

But which one is the better choice for your outdoor activities?

In this article, we’ll compare their features, materials, design, and overall performance to help you make the right decision.


1. Fjällräven Sten Jacket for Men

Fjallraven Sten Jacket for Men
Fjällräven Sten Jacket for Men:
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The Fjällräven Sten Jacket for Men is a practical and comfortable choice for everyday wear and outdoor activities. Made from G-1000 Lite fabric with G-1000 Original used for certain parts to ensure durability without adding weight, this jacket is designed to withstand the elements.

The material blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton makes it eco-conscious and resilient. The fixed hood provides a snug fit around the face for adverse weather conditions, while the pre-shaped sleeves offer ease of movement.

The two-way front zipper comes with an inside flap to prevent wind penetration. For storage, there are three zippered pockets: two at the sides for hands and one on the chest, providing secure spaces for personal items. Attention to detail is evident in the adjustable hem and buttoned sleeve cuffs, allowing for a customizable fit.

The jacket is lightweight yet protective, with a back length of 76 cm and a weight of approximately 430 grams in a size M. Fjällräven emphasizes sustainability with the Sten Jacket, as it’s made from their signature G-1000 fabric known for its longevity and use of recycled and organic materials.

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Main Features and Materials

  • Made from G-1000 Lite and G-1000 Original fabrics (recycled polyester and organic cotton blend)
  • Durable and weather resistant, can be waxed for added protection
  • Fixed hood for head protection
  • Pre-shaped sleeves for ease of movement
  • Two-way front zipper with inside wind flap
  • Three zippered pockets (two on the sides, one on the chest)
  • Adjustable hem and button cuffs for customizable fit
  • Back length of 76cm (size M)
  • Weighs around 430 g (size M)
  • Designed as a lightweight outdoor and everyday jacket
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Emphasizes sustainability with recycled and organic materials

2. Fjällräven Skogsö Jacket for Men

Fjallraven Skogso Jacket for Men
Fjällräven Skogsö Jacket for Men:
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The Fjällräven Skogsö Padded Jacket for Men is a versatile and durable outdoor garment tailored for various activities, from trekking to casual biking. This hip-length jacket is made from G-1000 Lite fabric for a lightweight feel, while the hood and shoulders are reinforced with G-1000 Original for added durability.

It features a two-way front zipper concealed by a protective flap with push buttons at the hem, chest, and chin to fend off the elements. The design includes a tail drop for extra coverage, a fixed, adjustable hood, pre-shaped elbows, and adjustable hem and sleeve cuffs for a personalized fit.

With four pockets and sustainable materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton, the Skogsö Jacket is both functional and eco-friendly. It can also be waxed with Greenland Wax for enhanced breathability, water resistance, and wind resistance.

Available in various sizes, this jacket is designed for comfort, with a back length of 78 cm and a weight of 610 grams for a size M.

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Main Features and Materials

  • Materials: G-1000 Lite fabric for the main body (lightweight), G-1000 Original fabric for hood and shoulders (durable) – (recycled polyester and organic cotton mix)
  • Adaptable with Greenland Wax for enhanced weather protection
  • Hip-length, tail drop for extra coverage
  • Two-way front zipper with protective flap
  • Push buttons at the hem, chest, and chin
  • Fixed, adjustable hood
  • Pre-shaped elbows
  • Adjustable hem and sleeve cuffs
  • Two vertical breast pockets, Two side pockets with flaps
  • Sustainable and long-lasting design
  • Back length of 78 cm (size M)
  • Weighs around 610 g (size M)

3. Comparison: Sten vs Skogsö

Below you can see the main differences between the Fjällräven Sten and Skogsö jackets:

  • Length: The Sten is shorter, with a back length of 76cm, while the Skogsö is hip-length with a back length of 78cm and a tail drop for extra protection.
  • Weight: The Sten weighs less at 430g (size M), while the Skogsö weighs 610g (size M).
  • Materials: The Sten uses G-1000 Lite fabric, with more G-1000 Original on the front making it more durable. The Skogsö uses G-1000 Lite for the main body and G-1000 Original reinforced on the hood and shoulders and has less G-1000 Original material making it more breathable.
  • Hood: The Sten has a fixed hood while the Skogsö has a fixed, adjustable hood.
  • Pockets: The Sten has two side zippered pockets and one chest zippered pocket. The Skogsö has two vertical breast pockets and two side pockets with flaps.
  • Weather customization: Both can be waxed with Greenland Wax.
  • Activities: The Skogsö is designed for more active pursuits like trekking and biking (more breathable), while the Sten is described as a lightweight everyday and outdoor jacket (more durable).
  • Fit: The Sten is slimmer, while the Skogsö is roomier providing more layering options.

4. Which is Better?

It, of course, depends on your preferences. Both have unique features that make them suitable for different situations. Below are our considerations to help you choose:

The Fjällräven Sten Jacket is better if:

  • You’re looking for a durable jacket for daily wear, including casual outdoor activities.
  • You prioritize a lighter-weight jacket for ease of movement and comfort.
  • You prefer a jacket with a simple hood design without the need for adjustability.
  • You want a jacket with zippered pockets for secure storage of your items.

The Fjällräven Skogsö Jacket is your choice if:

  • You engage in more active outdoor pursuits such as trekking and biking where breathability and freedom of movement are key.
  • You want a roomier jacket with the possibility of layering underneath.
  • You require additional coverage and protection from the elements, as provided by the longer back length and tail drop.
  • You prefer having an adjustable hood for a customizable fit and protection in changing weather.
  • You like having a variety of pockets.

Also, both jackets can be waxed with Greenland Wax for customizable weather protection, which is a plus if you’re looking for adaptability to different climates.

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