Fjällräven Nuuk vs Skogsö: Which Jacket is Better?

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Fjallraven Nuuk vs Skogso jackets comparison

The right jacket can make all the difference between a bracing adventure and a battle against bad weather.

An excellent brand for jackets is the Swedish, Fjällräven. Outdoor enthusiasts often find themselves comparing two famous jackets from this brand, the Nuuk parka and the Skogsö padded jacket.

The Nuuk offers an extended length for great protection, while the Skogsö offers a lighter, yet robust alternative.

In this article, we’ll compare their materials, insulation, design, and functionality to help you decide which one is your better choice.

Comparison Table:

Features Nuuk Parka Skogsö Padded Jacket
Intended Use Wet, very cold temperatures Milder cold weather, active use
Outer Materials Recycled polyamide (nylon) G-1000 fabric (recycled polyester and organic cotton)
Lining Hydratic liner (waterproof and breathable) Recycled polyamide
Insulation 100% recycled polyester G-Loft Supreme (recycled polyester)
Length Long, extends over rear and thighs Hip-length with articulated design
Hood Fleece-lined storm hood with adjustable drawcord and detachable faux fur Snug-fitting, adjustable with a drawcord
Front Closure Two-way zipper with protective flap Two-way zipper, glove-friendly, with protective flap
Breathability Breathable (Hydratic liner) G-1000 fabric, customizable with waxing
Sustainability Recycled materials, environmentally friendly PFC-free, recycled materials
Weight 1820 grams for size M 1120 grams for size M
Design Traditional parka design Timeless design for extended use


1. Fjällräven Nuuk Parka for Men

Fjallraven Nuuk Parka for Men
Fjällräven Nuuk Parka for Men:
Check it out at

The Fjällräven Nuuk Parka for men is a highly warm and comfortable parka suitable for shielding against wind, rain, and low temperatures. It represents an updated version of Fjällräven’s traditional design, now integrating sustainable materials and enhanced features and fit.

Made from robust recycled polyamide (nylon), the parka showcases a waterproof and breathable Hydratic lining, ensuring dryness and comfort in diverse weather conditions. The extended length of the parka provides good coverage, extending over the rear and thighs for added protection.

Additionally, the parka is furnished with a fleece-lined storm hood featuring a malleable metal wire and detachable faux fur edging, enhancing both functionality and style. The hood is adjustable with a drawcord for a secure fit.

The parka is made with numerous pockets, including top-loading bellows pockets with extra side openings, spacious zippered chest pockets, and additional pockets with flaps on top. Internally, there are two zippered pockets and two large mesh storage pockets, offering ample space to secure essential items.

A drawcord at the waist enables a personalized fit, and the two-way zipper with a protective flap provides convenience and extra protection against the elements. Despite its numerous features, the parka remains breathable, although it lacks specific ventilation options.

The Nuuk Parka is designed with environmental considerations, incorporating recycled polyester and polyamide, as well as non-textile animal-based elements. The parka is heavy yet manageable, weighing 1820 grams for a size M, and is available in various sizes.

This parka is a dependable choice for trekking and outdoor activities, providing insulation even in wet conditions and withstanding changeable weather due to its durable, waterproof, and windproof properties.

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Main Features and Materials

  • Warm and Comfortable: Designed to keep out the wind, rain, and cold temperatures.
  • Sustainable Materials: Made from durable recycled polyamide and polyester.
  • Waterproof and Breathable: Features a Hydratic lining for dryness and comfort.
  • Membrane: 100% polyurethane.
  • Insulation: 100% recycled polyester, insulates in wet conditions.
  • Long Cut: Offers ample coverage, extending over the rear and thighs.
  • Fleece-Lined Storm Hood: Includes a shaping metal wire and detachable faux fur edging.
  • Adjustable Hood: This can be tailored with a drawcord for a snug fit.
  • Multiple Pockets.
  • Customizable Fit: Drawcord at the waist for adjustment.
  • Two-Way Zipper: Comes with a protective flap for added element protection.
  • Breathable: Maintains breathability without specific ventilation options.
  • Environmentally friendly: Features recycled materials and contains elements of animal origin.
  • Weight: Weighs 1820 grams for a size M.
  • Durability: Built to withstand changeable weather with its waterproof and windproof properties.

2. Fjällräven Skogsö Padded Jacket for Men

Fjallraven Skogso Padded Jacket for Men
Fjällräven Skogsö Padded Jacket for Men:
Check it out at

The Fjällräven Skogsö Padded Jacket for Men is a durable and functional winter garment created to offer warmth and protection in colder weather. Made from G-1000, a robust fabric composed of recycled polyester and organic cotton, this jacket is both lightweight and resilient.

It incorporates synthetic G-Loft Supreme padding that effectively retains heat, even in wet conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor pursuits. The design features a hip-length cut and articulated construction for ease of movement, along with pre-shaped sleeves and adjustable velcro cuffs for a better fit.

The snug-fitting hood can be adjusted with a drawcord to fend off wind and cold. The jacket also offers multiple pockets, including zippered chest pockets, hand pockets with protective plackets, and spacious mesh pockets inside for storing essentials like gloves and hats.

The two-way front zipper is glove-friendly and shielded by a flap with press buttons for weather protection. Sustainability is a focal point, with the design emphasizing longevity through timeless style and robust materials.

The G-1000 fabric can be waxed for enhanced water and wind resistance, and the jacket is free from PFCs, incorporating recycled polyamide in the lining and recycled polyester in the filling.

The Skogsö jacket has a back length of 81 cm and weighs approximately 1120 grams for a size M. This jacket is an intelligent choice for those who prefer a dependable and environmentally conscious option for their outdoor activities.

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Main Features and Materials

  • Outer materials: durable G-1000 fabric, a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton.
  • Insulation: Synthetic G-Loft Supreme (recycled polyester), for excellent heat retention even in wet conditions.
  • Lining: Made with recycled polyamide.
  • Hood: Snug-fitting and adjustable with a drawcord.
  • Cut: Hip-length with an articulated design for ease of movement.
  • Sleeves: Pre-shaped for a better fit, with adjustable velcro cuffs.
  • Multiple Pockets.
  • Front Zipper: Two-way zipper, glove-friendly, with a protective flap and press buttons.
  • Eco-Friendly: PFC-free, uses recycled materials.
  • Customizable Protection: The G-1000 fabric can be waxed to enhance water and wind resistance.
  • Weight: 1120 grams for a size M.
  • Timeless design and robust materials for extended use.

3. Comparison: Nuuk vs Skogsö

Here are the main differences between the Fjällräven Nuuk and Skogsö jackets:

  • Design: The Nuuk is a parka design, while the Skogsö is a padded jacket. The Nuuk offers more coverage and protection from the elements.
  • Outer materials: The Nuuk is made from recycled polyamide (nylon), while the Skogsö is made from G-1000 fabric (recycled polyester and organic cotton).
  • Weather resistance: The Nuuk has a Hydratic waterproof and breathable lining. The Skogsö relies on its G-1000 fabric being waxed for water resistance.
  • Insulation: The Nuuk uses recycled polyester for insulation. The Skogsö uses G-Loft Supreme synthetic insulation which is also made of recycled polyester.
  • Hood: The Nuuk has a fleece-lined hood with detachable faux fur. The Skogsö has a simple adjustable hood.
  • Length: The Nuuk is longer, extending over the rear and thighs. The Skogsö has a hip-length cut.
  • Weight: The Nuuk weighs more at 1820g (for a size M), while the Skogsö has a weight of 1120g (for a size M).
  • Sustainability: The Nuuk incorporates recycled materials. The Skogsö uses recycled and organic materials as part of its eco-friendly design.

4. Which Jacket is Better?

Both are great for their intended uses. Here’s what to keep in mind during your decision:

The Nuuk parka is better for:

  • Extreme cold weather and wind. The longer length, excellent insulation, and fleece-lined hood provide more coverage and warmth.
  • Wet conditions. The Nuuk has a waterproof and breathable Hydratic lining to keep you dry.
  • Outdoor activities like trekking where you are on the move. The Nuuk is breathable to help with excess body heat. It also has lots of pocket space to carry gear.
  • A heavier-duty and durable jacket, the Nuuk is made of robust recycled nylon and weighs more.

The Skogsö padded jacket is our recommendation for:

  • Milder cold weather. The shorter hip length and simple hood may not provide enough coverage for extreme cold.
  • Active pursuits where you want freedom of movement. The Skogsö has an articulated design and pre-shaped sleeves.
  • An eco-friendly option. The Skogsö uses recycled and organic materials as part of its sustainability focus.
  • Customizable weather protection. The G-1000 fabric can be waxed to add wind and water resistance as needed.
  • A more lightweight and versatile jacket for layering. The Skogsö weighs much less than the Nuuk.

In the end, the Nuuk is a heavy-duty cold-weather parka, while the Skogsö is a lighter jacket with more versatility. The Nuuk is better for warmth, the Skogsö for active use.

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