How To Wash a Columbia Jacket (Omni-Heat, Down, Fleece, Rain)

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How To Wash a Columbia Jacket

In this article, we will guide you through the process of washing several different types of Columbia jackets, including Omni-Heat, Down, Fleece, and Rain jackets.

Columbia is a brand that is known for its high-quality outdoor gear and clothing, and their jackets are no exception.

These jackets are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, but proper care is still necessary to ensure their longevity.

We will provide you with the best maintenance tips to keep your jacket looking and feeling like new.

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s important to note that each jacket has its own unique washing instructions. Always refer to the label on your jacket before washing it to avoid any damage.

So, let’s get started!

1. How To Wash a Columbia Omni-Heat Jacket

Columbia Omni-Heat jacket close-up
Columbia Omni-Heat jacket (image:

The Omni-Heat technology is an incredible innovation that provides warmth without adding bulk. The reflective silver dots in the fabric reflect the heat generated by the body, maintaining a stable temperature inside the jacket.

The fabric is also breathable, allowing perspiration to evaporate, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Omni-Heat jackets are available in highly water-resistant or fully waterproof designs and require similar care to waterproof jackets.

Washing with mild detergent and cold water on a gentle cycle is recommended to protect the silver particles and fabric.

Air drying is preferred to maintain the jacket’s longevity and save energy.

Ironing is not recommended as it can damage the outer coating and affect the jacket’s performance and appearance.

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2. How To Wash a Columbia Down Jacket

Columbia Mens Lake 22 Down Jacket
Columbia Men’s Lake 22 Down Jacket (image:

Down jackets are highly comfortable and stylish and provide excellent warmth. However, maintaining them can be challenging due to issues like balling of the down and feather leakage caused by damaged stitching. Synthetic-insulated jackets are often preferred to avoid such problems.

Columbia’s down jackets are made from responsibly sourced down, supporting the ethical treatment of animals.

It is recommended to use a specific or mild detergent to preserve the feathers and maintain the jacket’s properties. Cold water and a gentle cycle are also recommended to avoid damaging the feathers.

Unlike other jackets, down jackets can be dried in a dryer at a low temperature with a couple of tennis balls. This helps fluff out the down insulation and prevent it from drying bunched together.

If a dryer is not available, the jacket must be fluffed manually to maintain the insulation. Hang it to dry and check every couple of hours.

Ironing is not recommended as the seams and protective coating applied by heat can be undone and cause the jacket to stick to the iron.

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3. How To Wash a Columbia Fleece Jacket

Columbia Womens Benton Springs Fleece Jacket
Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Fleece Jacket (image:

Fleece jackets are lightweight and easy to maintain. They are ideal for layering under heavier jackets as they provide insulation while remaining breathable.

Columbia fleece jackets are typically made with anti-pilling fleece or microfleece. Although the fabric is anti-pilling, there are still ways to prevent pilling.

Leaving a jacket unzipped during washing can damage the fabric, so it is recommended to zip it up and turn it inside out before putting it in the washing machine.

Mild detergents are best for delicate fabrics like fleece, and hot water should be avoided to prevent shrinking. No bleacher or softener. Low temperatures, preferably cold water.

Air drying is preferred over using a dryer to prevent shrinking and fabric damage. While pilling does not affect the jacket’s performance, it can make it look worn out.

4. How To Wash a Columbia Rain Jacket

Columbia Womens Arcadia II Rain Jacket
Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Rain Jacket (image:

Rain jackets are a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, and Columbia offers excellent lightweight rain jackets that can be worn alone or layered with a fleece jacket for extra warmth.

Before washing, it is essential to remove any debris or dirt from the jacket. Stains can be pre-treated with detergent, but it is recommended to use a stain remover that does not contain bleaching agents.

Powder detergents are ideal for waterproof jackets as they work on the surface without penetrating the DWR coating.

Softeners and bleach should be avoided as they can damage delicate fabrics and cause the jacket to lose its quality.

Cold water is recommended to prevent damage to the fabric.

Zippers and Velcro should be secured to prevent scratching or ripping the fabric.

Ironing should be avoided as it can melt the waterproof coating.

Air drying is preferred over using a dryer, and high temperatures in a dryer can damage the jacket’s fabric.

After washing, it is recommended to test the DWR coating by checking if water beads on the surface; if not, a DWR spray can be used to redo the coating.


The above information covers the essential aspects of washing Columbia jackets. It is crucial to remember to avoid using harsh chemicals and high temperatures to ensure the jacket’s longevity. By keeping these key points in mind, you can maintain a long-lasting jacket.


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