11 Brands like Carhartt for Work and Outdoor Activities

worker wearing working clothes

When you’re always on the go for work and outdoor activities, you tend to go through clothes pretty quickly.

If you’re looking to expand your closet, here are 11 brands similar to Carhartt. The American iconic brand was founded in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan, and today is a popular company famous all over the world for its durable apparel.

In this article, we hope to give you even more options so you can pick the brand that suits you best.

Let’s get started!

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9 Quality Brands like L.L. Bean: Our Top Picks

young couple outdoor cycling

L.L. Bean has a large collection of outerwear and outdoor equipment that’s high-quality and stylish.

If you’re looking to expand your closet, though, today we have researched and compiled a list of some other brands that are similar to L.L. Bean.

Here are 9 high-quality brands just like L.L. Bean that we’re sure you’ll love! Check them out below.

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10 Norwegian Jackets & Clothing Brands that You’ll Love

man hiking in mountain trail

Shopping for new outfits can be quite a hassle. You can’t decide which brand would have the better deal? Better quality? And if you buy clothes, will they last a long time?

That’s why to help you answer these questions, today we’ve researched and selected 10 Norwegian jacket and clothing brands that you should definitely check out.

You’ll find jackets and great outdoor apparel in these brands’ collections that have been tested and can take on harsh winters, the type of weather you can find in Norway.

Let’s begin!

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9 German Jackets & Outdoor Clothing Brands that You’ll Love

woman wearing winter jacket in snow

With the ever-growing fashion market, deciding which brand you want to buy your clothes from can be quite overwhelming.

That’s why, to help make the decision easier, in this article we’ve selected 9 German jackets and outdoor clothing brands that we think you’ll definitely love!

Companies from Germany focus on quality, durability, and sustainability. Whether you need a jacket for hiking, or a simple sweatshirt to wear in your city park, we think that among these brands’ collections you’ll surely find something that will suit your needs and style.

Let’s take a look!

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7 Swiss Jacket and Outdoor Clothing Brands: Our Favorites

person with dog in snowy forest

If you’re an adventure seeker, you certainly appreciate how useful and versatile coats and outdoor clothing are.

Most outdoor apparel, in general, is water and windproof. This makes them ideal for a trip to the mountains or a river hike.

Seeing that there’s a growing market of outdoor apparel and equipment, in this article, we’ll show you our 7 favorite Swiss jackets and outdoor clothing brands. Stick around!

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9 Outdoor Brands like Eddie Bauer: Our Favorites

hiker on a mountain trail

Eddie Bauer comes to mind whenever we think about going on a trip. They are well-known for producing high-end gear, apparel, and even home goods.

So we know we can rely on them if we need a waterproof jacket for a last-minute hiking trip.

However, if you’re looking for similar brands, today, we’ll talk about our 9 favorite outdoor brands similar to Eddie Bauer.

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