Moose Knuckles vs Moncler Jackets: Which is Better?

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woman wearing winter parka in a snowy landscape

For winter, we prefer to invest in a high-quality jacket to not just keep us warm but also have a good style.

Two popular brands of winter jackets and coats in today’s market are Moose Knuckles and Moncler.

Moose Knuckles is a Canadian brand with a long history of producing high-quality outerwear, while Moncler is an Italian company that has become a luxury label, offering high-end fashion pieces for outdoor and casual activities.

In this article, we’ll compare these two brands, exploring their history, materials, manufacturing, and prices. In the end, we’ll determine which is better, to help you with your next winter jacket purchase.

So, let’s get started!

Key Points:

  • Moose Knuckles offers a better insulation-to-price ratio, in our opinion. Moncler is better for stylish and modern designs.
  • Moose Knuckles is a Canadian clothing brand founded in 2009 with a long history since 1921. Their high-end jackets are made in Canada with great quality and attention to detail.
  • Moose Knuckles uses cotton, nylon, grey duck-down insulation, and natural fur trims.
  • Moose Knuckles winter parkas are rated for temperatures as low as -40 degrees. Prices range from $450 to over $1500.
  • Moncler is an Italian luxury brand founded in 1952 in France. It offers high-end fashion pieces for outdoor wear manufactured in Europe.
  • Moncler uses Japanese nylon and white goose-down insulation. It’s becoming a fur-free company.
  • Moncler jacket prices range from $700 to $5000.

1. Moose Knuckles Jackets

History of the Brand

Moose Knuckles womens parkas official website
Moose Knuckles women’s parkas: official website

The Canadian brand, Moose Knuckles, has a rich history dating back to 1921. In 2009, the company as we know it today was officially launched as a luxury clothing brand, specializing in creating fashionable and high-quality winter jackets and parkas.

Moose Knuckles provides a wide selection of coats and jackets, ranging from lightweight and weather-resistant options to knitwear, accessories, and shirting products. The brand’s most iconic products are made in Canada, guaranteeing exceptional quality and attention to detail.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Moose Knuckles is a luxury brand that employs only the highest quality fabrics for its classic core parkas and jackets, primarily composed of Cotton and Nylon. These materials are blended in a proportion of 74% Cotton to 26% Nylon, ensuring the durability and longevity of their coats.

Their winter parkas are rated for temperatures as low as -40 degrees and feature heavy-duty zippers that can endure wear and tear.

To withstand harsh weather conditions, Moose Knuckles applies water-repellent coatings to their jackets, which help to keep them dry for extended periods and prevent the down insulation from getting wet. This is especially vital since down insulation loses its insulating properties when it becomes wet.

The insulation used by Moose Knuckles is primarily Grey Duck Down, with a fill power ranging from 650 to 800, which is among the highest available. This insulation provides excellent warmth and loft.

Moose Knuckles obtains its furs from ethically certified Scandinavian and Canadian furriers, using real fur from Silver foxes and Arctic Blue foxes. The natural color of the fur is left untouched, giving a unique look to each jacket.

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Recommended Products

Moose Knuckles Women’s Gold Stirling Parka Fur

Moose Knuckles Womens Gold Stirling Parka Fur

The Women’s Gold Stirling Parka is a version of the well-known Stirling Parka, designed to provide warmth and have a classic appearance.

The parka has been transformed into a golden hue, with gold-tone hardware, a matching polyester lining, and a gold-plated Icon logo. It comes with a detachable hood, which is decorated with a golden fur ruff.

This parka has a “Canada Cold” protection rating, indicating its capacity to withstand extremely cold conditions. It is produced in Vietnam.

Moose Knuckles Men’s Original Stirling Parka Shearling

Moose Knuckles Mens Original Stirling Parka Shearling

The Men’s Original Stirling Parka Shearling, with its slim-fit design, is specially designed to protect against extremely cold weather.

The parka is made with a shell that is both water-repellent and wind-resistant and is insulated with Duck Down. It has a puffer stand collar and a detachable hood with an adjustable bungee to prevent cold drafts.

In addition, the jacket has several pockets and features a hollow metal Icon logo on the sleeve. It is produced in Canada.


As a luxury brand, Moose Knuckles’ jackets are priced accordingly, ranging from $450 to over $1500.

Are Moose Knuckles jackets worth the price?

Moose Knuckles is a top-rated brand for insulation, producing some of the warmest winter parkas and coats available. The exceptional workmanship of these jackets also guarantees their durability, leaving no doubt as to the answer to this question.

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2. Moncler Jackets

History of the Brand

Moncler official website
Moncler official website

Moncler is an Italian brand that was established in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, by René Ramillon.

Despite being a French brand initially, it was purchased in 2003 by Remo Ruffini, an Italian entrepreneur, and its headquarters are now located in Milan, Italy.

The company started by producing sleeping bags and tents before transitioning to quilted jackets, originally designed for outdoor workers during the winter season. Over the years, the brand has become a luxury label, producing some of the best high-end fashion pieces for outdoor winter wear.

Moncler’s products are priced comparably to, and in some instances exceed, those of Moose Knuckles.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Moncler produces its jackets in Europe, specifically in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia, Hungary, Moldova, and Georgia.

Despite being an Italian brand that was born in France, it does not make its products in either of these countries, except for limited collections produced in Italy.

One of their main fabrics is Japanese nylon, which has mild weather protection qualities and is highly durable.

Since this is a brand comparison, we will concentrate on comparing similar products. So, we’ll primarily compare their down jackets and parkas.

Moncler employs white goose down for many of its down coats, typically with a 90% down to 10% feathers ratio.

Moncler also uses detachable fur trims in some of their parkas and jackets. However, the brand is increasingly becoming a fur-free company due to ethical concerns with animal-based products.

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Recommended Products

Moncler Women’s Bondree Long Down Jacket

Moncler Womens Bondree Long Down Jacket

The Women’s Bondree Long Down jacket provides a modern take on the traditional puffer coat. It is crafted from recycled rainwear, a compact nylon fiber renowned for its water-repellent properties.

The hood is adjustable, and the extended design is adaptable, making it ideal for layering over workwear or casual weekend activities.

The jacket is insulated with down for warmth and has a recycled nylon laqué lining. It includes a zipper closure, zipped pockets, and an elasticized waistband. The jacket is finished with a logo patch.

Moncler Men’s Maya Short Down Jacket

Moncler Mens Maya Short Down Jacket

The Maya Down Jacket is a well-known men’s jacket that comes in different sizes and colors. It has a quilted pattern with a detachable hood.

The jacket is constructed of Nylon and filled with down insulation for warmth. It features zippered pockets and a two-way front zipper. This is a long-lasting product that is ideal if you appreciate high-quality and fashionable outerwear.


Moncler is a high-end brand that is not affordable. Their jackets can range from $700 to $5000, surpassing Moose Knuckles’ prices. So, the following question is crucial before deciding to make your purchase!

Are Moncler jackets worth the price?

Moncler’s winter coats are mainly focused on style, particularly its contemporary designs. The previous designs, which were intended for protection against low temperatures, appear to have been abandoned in some ways.

This does not imply that Moncler jackets do not perform well in cold weather, but at such exorbitant prices, you are primarily paying for the brand name and style rather than the insulation and performance, in our opinion.

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3. Which is Better? Moose Knuckles or Moncler?

Deciding whether Moose Knuckles or Moncler is better for winter jackets depends on your needs and personal preferences.

But we think that if you prioritize warmth and insulation, Moose Knuckles is a better option. Their jackets use quality materials and down insulation and are rated for temperatures as low as -40 degrees. Moose Knuckles is also known for its exceptional workmanship and durability.

Moncler, on the other hand, is great if you prefer style and fashion. The brand makes high-end fashion pieces and is known for its modern designs. Moncler jackets are also warm and insulated and with great manufacture and details.

But for that price, you’re paying more for the design than the insulation. Moose Knuckles offers a better insulation-to-price ratio, in our opinion.

We hope this helps!

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