Mammut vs Columbia: Which is Better for Outdoor Gear?

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Mammut vs Columbia outdoor gear comparison

Mammut and Columbia are both great for outdoor gear!

Mammut is known for its high-quality mountaineering gear while Columbia is a favorite for its versatile and affordable outdoor apparel.

Each has its loyal following and a range of products that promise to keep you safe and comfortable while up in the mountains.

In this comparison, we’ll look at what sets these brands apart, from their history and product lines to their technology and prices, to help you figure out which one might be the best companion for your next adventure.


1. Mammut Outdoor Gear

History of the Brand

Mammut official website
Mammut official website

Mammut, a renowned brand in the outdoor gear and technical apparel industry, is based in Switzerland and has a heritage dating back to 1862 when Kaspar Tanner established his ropeworks. The company’s evolution from a rope manufacturer to a global clothing powerhouse has spanned over 150 years.

Despite its long history, Mammut continues to employ cutting-edge techniques in rope production, contributing significantly to its overall revenue.

Beyond ropes, Mammut has a various product line that offers backpacks, insulated jackets, hardshells, fleece jackets, softshell pants, rain pants, footwear, and mountain climbing hardware. Emphasizing sustainability, the company upholds a commitment to utilizing premium materials for both clothing and rope manufacturing.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Mammut places a strong emphasis on sustainability and follows the Bluesign standard for its product line. The company implements eco-friendly methods and programs and exercises caution in its manufacturing processes.

One notable effort involves repurposing used outdoor equipment, and Mammut is actively engaged in phasing out PFCs (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals). Additionally, the company employs animal-friendly practices, reflecting its ethical stance and dedication to sustainable principles.

In rope production, Mammut utilizes materials with a minimized carbon footprint, and its apparel complies with the Fair Wear Foundation’s standards.

Some of Mammut’s jackets and other products incorporate Gore-Tex, a renowned waterproof fabric technology. Mammut’s steadfast commitment to sustainable practices positions it as an exceptional choice for environmentally-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

The company also uses various technical materials and technologies such as nylon, polyester, Mammut DRYtechnology waterproof and breathable membrane, Pertex Quantum Pro water-resistant and breathable fabric, PrimaLoft Black synthetic insulation, goose down insulation, and more.


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Where is Mammut outdoor gear made?

Mammut manufactures most of its outdoor gear and clothing in Asian nations, such as Vietnam, China, and Bangladesh.

Recommended Products

Mammut Nordwand Advanced HS Hooded Men’s Jacket

Mammut Nordwand Advanced HS Mens Hooded Jacket
Check it out at

The Nordwand Advanced hardshell jacket is an exceptional choice for mountain expeditions, offering essential features for your alpine activities. Made with innovative design and GORE-TEX® PRO fabric technology, this jacket is lightweight, durable, and breathable, providing reliable protection from the elements while ensuring optimal breathability.

It strikes the ideal balance between useful features, protection, and pack volume, making it a good option for alpine enthusiasts who need the perfect jacket for their adventures.

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Mammut Trion Nordwand 28 Backpack

Mammut Trion Nordwand 28 Backpack
Check it out at

The Eiger Extreme Collection by Mammut presents the Trion Nordwand 28, an adaptable and durable alpine backpack. Built from top-tier Cordura material, this backpack offers a blend of sturdiness and lightweight design.

Not only is it created for durability, but it also offers great comfort. Renowned athletes such as Dani Arnold, Nico Hojac, and Stephan Siegrist have played a key role in shaping this backpack, helping with their expertise and insights.

The Trion Nordwand is tailored for high-achieving customers who need peak performance from their gear, making it the perfect choice for mountain ascents and challenging hikes.

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Mammut offers a wide collection of products suitable for different budgets, ensuring accessibility to a broad spectrum of clients. Some items are budget-friendly, while others boast advanced technology and cost a lot more.

For example, many of Mammut’s jackets range from $200 to $300 on average, with some technical designs priced at $900 and above. The backpacks are available from $70 to $800.

Are Mammut products worth the price?

Mammut’s products come with a higher price tag, which reflects the use of premium materials and advanced technology. With a history of over 150 years in the outdoor industry, Mammut has become a famous name synonymous with quality.

We think that Mammut’s gear is worth it, if you need excellent quality for intense outdoor activities.

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2. Columbia Outdoor Gear

History of the Brand

Columbia official website.jpg
Columbia official website

Columbia is a popular outdoor gear company that offers a wide range of clothing suitable for various outdoor activities such as skiing, fishing, camping, trekking, etc. The brand has a rich history, originating from the Columbia Hat Company in 1938 and later rebranding to Columbia Sportswear Company in 1960.

Founded by the family of Gert Boyle in 1938, who fled Germany and settled in Portland, USA, the company has transitioned through different generations and is currently led by Tim Boyle, Gert’s son.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Columbia Sportswear employs its proprietary technologies to maximize the protection and versatility of its outdoor equipment.

For example, the Omni-Tech technology enhances the waterproof and breathable qualities of Columbia’s jackets. Next, the Omni-Heat Reflective technology, found in some of the brand’s jackets, effectively retains warmth while releasing excess moisture and heat.

The company also utilizes recycled Polyester and RDS-certified down insulation, and is actively reducing the use of harmful DWR coatings.

Columbia Sportswear adheres to the perfectionist philosophy of Gert Boyle, resulting in top-quality apparel built with high standards. The company offers a wide range of reliable outdoor clothing and gear with an excellent quality-to-price ratio.

Omni-Heat Innovation

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Where is Columbia outdoor gear made?

Columbia makes some of its outdoor gear in the USA and Europe. However, the majority of their products are mostly manufactured in Vietnam, China, Bangladesh, and India. (source)

Recommended Products

Columbia Men’s Bulo Point II Down Jacket

Columbia Mens Bulo Point II Down Jacket
Check it out at

The Men’s Bulo Point II Down Jacket from Columbia is an insulated option for cold conditions. It features 700-fill power goose down for warmth and Columbia’s Omni-Heat Infinity thermal-reflective lining to maintain body heat.

The jacket includes a removable, adjustable hood, chin guard, and customizable cuffs and hem for a secure fit and added warmth. Additionally, it is equipped with interior security pockets and zippered hand pockets for essential items.

This lightweight and packable jacket comes with its own stuff sack, making it convenient for travelers or individuals looking to minimize space. With an optimal back length, it provides good coverage while ensuring durability and high quality.

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Columbia Atlas Explorer 26L Backpack

Columbia Atlas Explorer 26L Backpack
Check it out at

The Atlas Explorer represents a versatile backpack for a range of uses. With a 26-liter capacity, it includes two primary storage sections, a front pocket organizer, individual compartments for a laptop and tablet, adaptable sternum and shoulder straps, and dual water bottle pockets.

The backpack also boasts versatile and customizable Twin Slot webbing, a padded and fleece-lined laptop sleeve accommodating laptops up to 15 inches, and front pocket organization. It is built with two water bottle pockets, reflective zipper pulls, and a padded bottom panel.

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When compared to Mammut, Columbia Sportswear is more affordable. In general, Columbia’s jackets are priced from $50 to $300, their backpacks sell for less than $100, and the hiking footwear starts at about $100.

Are Columbia products worth the price?

For general outdoor activities, we think the brand’s gear is a good choice. Their jackets, for example, offer the essential features and protection you need.

For more extreme outdoor pursuits, you may need to look for a more technical brand like Mammut. But even in that case, you can find something useful at Columbia, thanks to its extensive product range.

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3. Which is Better? Mammut or Columbia?

Now the important part: which one should you choose? Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Mammut is a Swiss company founded in 1862 that specializes in mountaineering and climbing equipment. Their gear is designed for extreme alpine environments.
  • Columbia is an American company founded in 1938 that makes outdoor apparel, footwear, and equipment for a wide range of activities. Their gear spans from casual outdoor wear to clothing for more technical mountaineering.
  • Mammut is known for very technical and high-performance gear built for serious climbers and mountaineers. Their products are durable but more expensive.
  • Columbia offers a wider range of products for all types of outdoor activities. Their gear is more affordable but not as specialized for climbing.
  • For jackets, in particular, both make high-quality waterproof and insulated jackets. Mammut jackets are expensive but built for extreme conditions, while Columbia has a wide range of jacket styles, although not as protective.
  • As for technologies, Mammut uses both proprietary technologies like Mammut DRYtechnology and industry standards like Gore-Tex. Columbia uses mostly its own technologies like Omni-Tech, Omni-Heat, etc.
  • Next, sustainability: both are moving towards more eco-friendly practices and recycled materials, but we think Mammut does better in this category.

In the end, Mammut is better for advanced-level mountaineering for its specialized and rugged gear, while Columbia is better for casual outdoor use and lifestyle clothing also giving you the possibility to save some money in the process.

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