Parajumpers vs Mackage: Which Brand is Better?

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Parajumpers vs Mackage jackets comparison

Parajumpers and Mackage are two premium brands known for their technical and stylish jackets and parkas.

In this article, we compare the features of these two labels to help you decide which may be the better choice for your next winter coat.

Parajumpers brings rugged functionality with Italian flair, while Mackage fuses Canadian fashion and performance.

We look at factors like warmth, weather protection, style options, quality, and pricing to see how these brands’ jackets stack up.

Let’s begin!


1. Parajumpers Jackets

History of the Brand

Parajumpers official website
Parajumpers official website

The Parajumpers brand, established in 2006, is a contemporary Italian label that specializes in creating premium outerwear that goes beyond mere functionality. Their creations are stylish, and the story behind the brand’s inception is as remarkable as its designs.

It all began with a chance encounter in Anchorage, Alaska, where the brand’s founder, Massimo Rossetti, crossed paths with a member of the 210th Rescue Squadron, a group of skilled parachutists. This squadron, dedicated to high-risk rescue missions in challenging terrains, served as the inspiration for the brand’s name.

Drawing from their work, Rossetti embarked on crafting highly practical jackets using robust nylon, capable of enduring extreme conditions while serving as a valuable aid. We admire the brand’s reputation and the practicality of its designs, some of which will be highlighted below.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

As mentioned previously, Parajumpers utilizes durable nylon, a long-lasting and wear-resistant fabric. Their materials are sourced from the Far East, including countries like China, Korea, and Japan. Italy is also a significant sourcing location for the brand.

All materials undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with safety regulations and are free from harmful substances. In addition to functionality, the brand is known for the comfort of its down parkas and coats, using high-quality down for optimal insulation without excessive bulk.

Some designs feature removable down-filled lining, offering versatility for milder weather.

The brand’s use of natural fur adheres to strict farming regulations, ensuring the humane treatment of animals. For those who don’t like animal-based clothing, synthetic alternatives are available.

Parajumpers’ designing occurs in Italy, while manufacturing primarily takes place in the Far East, with select collections produced in Europe. All facilities are subject to stringent regulations and regular quality and ethical checks.

Stories by Parajumpers - Alaskan Bush Pilot

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Recommended Products

Parajumpers Men’s Bold Parka

Parajumpers Mens Bold Parka
Check it out at

The Bold Parka for men is a highly resilient and insulating long puffer specifically engineered for extreme cold, graded at the top temperature level within the brand. It has an adjustable hood with a fleece-lined collar, a two-way zipper with a storm flap, and many pockets such as hand-warmer pockets and internal storage.

The parka also has a waist powder skirt, underarm vents, and Velcro sleeve straps to protect against the elements. Constructed from water-repellent nylon Cordura ripstop and filled with a 90-10 down-feather blend, it integrates 20% recycled materials.

The design incorporates the brand’s distinctive yellow hook and patch, enhancing its fashionable appeal while prioritizing practicality and winter comfort.

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Parajumpers Women’s Panda Long Puffer Coat

Parajumpers Womens Panda Long Puffer Coat
Check it out at

The Panda Long Puffer Coat for women is crafted to provide warmth and protection in chilly environments. It’s equipped with an adjustable hood and a two-way zipper. The coat includes zippered and inner mesh pockets for secure storage, along with ribbed cuffs for a snug fit.

Aesthetic details such as the brand’s iconic yellow tape and signature patch enhance its distinctive style. The outer fabric is constructed from a 15-denier nylon micro ripstop bonded internally with a water-repellent foil, ensuring water and wind resistance while allowing breathability.

The insulation is 100% duck down with a fill power of 770, delivering good warmth, and the down-proof construction prevents down leakage. Also, 20% of the coat is composed of recycled materials.

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Parajumpers is definitely not an inexpensive brand. The price range for its jackets spans from $300 to $1,500, positioning it as a comparable option to Mackage.

The exceptional quality of their coats justifies the premium pricing in our opinion, particularly given the attention to detail in manufacturing and the choice of materials.

Are Parajumpers jackets worth the price?

As we said above, considering the superior quality of their coats and their adherence to functionality, many find them to be a good investment. But, some of their pricier models do not offer the highest level of warmth, making this a concern for some customers who want exceptionally insulated jackets or parkas.

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2. Mackage Jackets

History of the Brand

Mackage official website
Mackage official website

Mackage, a Canadian brand launched in 1999 by Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy, believes that outdoor apparel serves not only as a practical necessity for weather protection but also as a vital element of fashion in our wardrobe.

The brand’s jackets are distinguished by stylish designs, intricate details, and a blend of various fabrics and materials, setting them apart from traditional outerwear labels.

While initially focusing on women’s outerwear, Mackage expanded to include men’s designs in 2008 and introduced a handbag collection in 2013. The brand’s appeal stems from its fusion of high-quality products and contemporary, fashionable styles.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Mackage’s range of materials goes beyond traditional nylon and polyester fabrics. Like many luxury brands, the company integrates various materials, such as leather, wool, down, and fur trims. The brand utilizes different types of fur, like raccoon and fox fur, known for their exceptional softness.

Wool is employed for most jacket sleeve cuffs, while the shells and linings are weather-resistant and made of specific fabrics and laminates. The jackets are also designed to prevent shedding and are filled with duck down consisting of whole clusters with a minimum fill-power of 800 and a ratio of at least 90% down to 10% feathers.

Mackage also uses Nano Down, coated with Texcote Nano treatment, to enhance durability and loft, as well as to ensure fast drying and increased resistance to contaminants. The down used by Mackage adheres to the RDS (Responsible Down Standard), is 100% traceable, and responsibly sourced.

The brand’s heavily insulated jackets can endure temperatures as low as -31°F (-35°C), making them ideal for very cold areas. Mackage jackets are manufactured in Eastern Europe and China and undergo thorough quality testing in Canada.

Inspired by Unapologetic Confidence Mackage FW’21

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Recommended Products

Mackage ANTOINE-CITY Men’s Parka

Mackage ANTOINE CITY Mens Parka
Check it out at

The ANTOINE-CITY Parka by Mackage is a men’s coat that utilizes recycled down insulation. It’s made from Agile-360 two-way stretch fabric to allow for unrestricted movement and enhanced comfort. This parka is specifically engineered to provide warmth in extremely cold conditions and is both water-resistant and water-repellent.

Also, it’s fully lined and includes a non-removable hood with an adjustable storm visor. The insulation consists of 100% recycled traceable duck down with 800 fill power, enabling it to endure temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F). In addition, it incorporates under-arm eyelets for ventilation and insulated pockets.

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Mackage KINSLEE 2-in-1 Women’s Parka

Mackage KINSLEE 2 in 1 Womens Parka
Check it out at

The Mackage KINSLEE 2-in-1 Parka is a women’s mid-length parka crafted for harsh winters. It incorporates sustainable and traceable duck down with an 800 fill power, suitable for temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F). The parka is constructed with a Nordic Tech weave for warmth, side zip gussets for a flexible silhouette, and a detachable light down bib.

The adjustable hood includes a removable fur trim. It features a center front zip with a snap storm placket, a drawcord waist, and insulated pockets with flaps. The parka also includes storm cuffs and an M logo patch on the sleeve to elevate its stylish design.

The outer shell is composed of 59% nylon and 41% polyester, while the lining is 100% nylon. It’s both water-resistant and water-repellent.


Mackage is recognized as a premium brand positioned within the high-end segment, characterized by superior quality and high prices. The winter parkas and jackets offered by Mackage are priced within the range of $700 to $1,700.

Are Mackage jackets worth the price?

This depends on the quality and design of the coat, naturally. However, taking into account the performance, longevity, and comfort, we are of the opinion that the initial cost is worth it.

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3. Which is Better?

Now, the most important part of this comparison, the final choice! Here are our considerations to help you decide which brand is better for you, Mackage or Parajumpers:

  • Parajumpers is known for its extreme cold weather performance and utility-focused designs. Their jackets use high-fill-power down insulation, rugged outer fabrics, and lots of technical features tailored for very cold climates. They prioritize function over fashion.
  • Mackage focuses more on style and fashion while still using quality materials. Their jackets have sleek silhouettes including leather and wool fabrics. The insulation is of high fill power, sometimes surpassing that of Parajumpers. Mackage offers a wider variety of jacket styles.
  • Parajumpers jackets are better suited for extended time outdoors in natural areas in cold climates. Mackage offers more versatility for transitional weather and urban winter style, including coats for very low temperatures.
  • Mackage jackets are typically more expensive, often $1,000+ for their warmest parkas.
  • Both brands use premium down, water-resistant fabrics, and detailed craftsmanship. Parajumpers has a slight edge for outdoor use while Mackage excels in fashionability.

In the end, for excellent warmth in natural environments, Parajumpers is a good choice. If you want something with more stylistic options while still offering great protection, Mackage is a better option, though at a higher price tag.

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