Eddie Bauer vs Canada Goose (Jackets Comparison)

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Eddie Bauer vs Canada Goose Jackets Comparison

If you’re looking for outdoor clothing, Eddie Bauer and Canada Goose are two popular brands, each with a rich heritage of quality and innovation.

Eddie Bauer, a century-old pioneer, revolutionized the industry with America’s first down jacket, while Canada Goose, hailing from Toronto since 1957, has become synonymous with luxurious, enduring winter wear.

In this article, we’ll explore the technological advancements and commitment to quality that have solidified these brands’ reputations, also highlighting their iconic products.

As we compare their unique histories, products, and prices, we’ll discover which of these two brands is your best choice and when.

Let’s begin!


1. Eddie Bauer Jackets

History of the Brand

Eddie Bauer official website
Eddie Bauer’s official website

Eddie Bauer, established in 1920 in Seattle, Washington, USA, boasts a century-long legacy and a track record of pioneering patented outdoor products, including the inaugural down jacket in America.

Recognized with numerous awards, particularly for its footwear and jackets, the brand supplied equipment for the initial American conquest of Mount Everest in 1963, as well as subsequent significant expeditions like the Dhaulagiri in 1973 and the Makalu in 1980.

Emphasizing sustainability and renewable, ethical sources, the company presently operates 200+ stores across the United States, solidifying its status as a leading outdoor brand.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Based primarily on Polyester and Nylon, Eddie Bauer’s production incorporates WeatherEdge®, a proprietary technology utilized to render their jackets and other items both waterproof and breathable.

In addition, they employ Thermafill® for synthetic insulation and StormDown, which involves treating down with DWR coating to enhance its moisture resistance.

Notably, Eddie Bauer also utilizes Thindown, an innovative Italian fabric, to insulate certain garments, offering the same loft and compressibility as natural down while being more resilient in adverse weather conditions.

Also, the brand demonstrates its commitment to sustainable design through the creation of versatile, utility-focused, and durable apparel and gear, with a focus on encouraging extensive product use and longevity.

They prioritize the use of lower-impact materials, including recycled polyester and nylon, as well as sustainably sourced man-made cellulose fibers, and integrate recycled packaging to minimize environmental impact.

Eddie Bauer collaborates with organizations such as American Forests to support ecosystem restoration and urban reforestation, while actively promoting equity and inclusion within their community and industry. You can read more about Eddie Bauer’s sustainability efforts on their website.

100 Years Of Adventure | Eddie Bauer

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Where are Eddie Bauer’s jackets made?

Eddie Bauer’s outdoor apparel and jackets are mainly produced in Asian nations like Vietnam, China, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

Recommended Products

Eddie Bauer Men’s Superior Down Parka

Eddie Bauer Mens Superior Down Parka
Image: eddiebauer.com
Check it out at EddieBauer.com

The Eddie Bauer Men’s Superior Down Parka is a durable winter jacket engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. It includes a waterproof and breathable recycled nylon shell with WeatherEdge® technology and StormRepel® Super DWR finish to resist moisture.

The parka is filled with 650-fill-power premium down, providing insulation in extremely cold temperatures. It is equipped with inner rib-knit storm cuffs, secure zip pockets, an adjustable hood with removable faux fur, and an action back construction for mobility.

The fit is relaxed to allow for comfortable layering. This parka delivers both practicality and comfort in cold weather.

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Eddie Bauer Women’s Olympia Waterproof Down Stadium Coat

Eddie Bauer Womens Olympia Waterproof Down Stadium Coat
Image: eddiebauer.com
Check it out at EddieBauer.com

The Women’s Olympia Waterproof Down Stadium Coat by Eddie Bauer is a top-quality winter garment engineered to provide exceptional warmth and protection in harsh conditions. It incorporates advanced WeatherEdge® Plus technology, offering fully seam-sealed 10K/10K waterproof defense and a StormRepel® DWR finish to repel moisture.

This coat is filled with 650-fill-power down for outstanding insulation and is constructed with a 100% recycled polyester shell. Comfort features include microfleece-lined cuffs and pockets, along with a removable faux fur ruff, adjustable hood and hem, and multiple pockets for added convenience.

With a length of 37.5 inches and a classic fit, it ensures comprehensive coverage and a comfortable, universally flattering fit.

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If you’re thinking of purchasing an Eddie Bauer coat, as soon as you open their website, you’ll see that the prices fall within the moderate range. The cost of jackets and coats typically begins at around $60 and can reach up to $300. So, it’s a brand that provides affordable options while maintaining a good level of quality.

Are Eddie Bauer products worth the price?

We can take the two suggested jackets mentioned previously as examples. If you need something practical and versatile, these two coats are great options because they can be utilized in various situations, both for outdoor pursuits and daily use.

Consequently, for such versatile products, we believe that Eddie Bauer offers reasonable prices, making their offerings unquestionably worth it.

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2. Canada Goose Jackets

History of the Brand

Canada Goose official website mens Langford parka heritage
Canada Goose official website: Men’s Langford Parka Heritage

Canada Goose is a well-known brand in North America celebrated for its durable and premium down jackets. The company originated in Toronto, Canada, in 1957 as Metro Sportswear Ltd. before rebranding to Canada Goose upon expanding in Europe.

Initially, the company focused on crafting raincoats and woolen vests, later diversifying into various practical outdoor attire. In the 1970s, Canada Goose introduced its inaugural down jacket, quickly gaining widespread acclaim.

The brand is esteemed for its winter apparel, providing exceptional insulation surpassing other brands reliant on technical fabrics, attributed to the use of top-quality down insulation, widely regarded as the finest option available.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Canada Goose coats are mainly produced in Canada and go through an extensive 13-step process to guarantee that the final result is a comfortable, weather-resistant, and perfectly insulated coat. The company places significant emphasis on quality and assures that all items meet their rigorous standards.

The coats are made from high-quality materials like Polyester, Nylon, and Cotton, which can be used as they are or as part of the company’s exclusive fabrics such as Arctic Tech.

To prevent the down insulation from becoming wet, the coats’ shells are regularly treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) because wet down loses its loft and insulating properties.

Canada Goose obtains its down from Ducks and Geese and ensures that it’s ethically sourced and complies with the Responsible Down Standard. The down’s fill power is also quite high in many coats.

Several Canada Goose coats include natural fur trim to protect the face from cold winds, especially during storm blizzards. However, in recent years, the company has been moving away from real fur by either removing it or using faux fur.

Our Commitment to Quality | Canada Goose

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Recommended Products

Canada Goose Women’s Paradigm Expedition Parka

Canada Goose Womens Paradigm Expedition Parka
Image: canadagoose.com
Check it out at CanadaGoose.com

The Paradigm Expedition Parka for women by Canada Goose is a contemporary jacket that includes an adaptable down-filled hood with a detachable brim for maximum protection during severe weather. This is a white-hue parka made in Canada.

It offers a more spacious fit and incorporates an internal drawcord at the waist for personalized adjustment and heat retention. The front zipper is two-way and comes with a placket for added coverage, while the zippered side gussets allow for enhanced mobility and ventilation.

With six exterior pockets and three interior pockets, this parka is equipped with 750-Fill-Power Responsibly Sourced Duck Down, designed to endure the harshest weather conditions. It utilizes Recycled Organic Arctic Tech®, a traditional fabric composed of 85% Recycled Polyester and 15% Organic Cotton.

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Canada Goose Men’s Lawrence Puffer

Canada Goose Mens Lawrence Puffer
Image: canadagoose.com
Check it out at CanadaGoose.com

The Canada Goose Men’s Lawrence Puffer jacket is a classic garment that delivers excellent protection for everyday use. Crafted from Recycled Enduraluxe, a durable water-repellent material with a gentle feel, this jacket is both functional and stylish.

It boasts a quilted body, an adaptable hood, and a two-way front zipper for enhanced mobility and airflow. Additionally, it has an extended back hem for added coverage and a reflective double-stripe grab strap at the back.

The jacket includes two outer fleece-lined pockets and three interior pockets. It is filled with 750-Fill-Power Responsibly Sourced Duck Down and is made in Canada.

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Canada Goose winter jackets are available at prices ranging from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the specific style of the jacket or coat you desire to acquire. Although the price of these premium winter coats may appear excessive, the real consideration revolves around whether the investment is justified.

Are Canada Goose jackets worth the price?

In our view, Canada Goose jackets offer good value. Few items can rival the warmth, quality, and performance of Canada Goose, and the attention to detail is exceptional. We believe that the price is justified, given that a Canada Goose coat generally endures for an extended period (many years), reducing the frequency of replacement purchases.

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3. Which is Better? Eddie Bauer or Canada Goose?

Both are great brands in their target markets. Here’s what to keep in mind for your decision:

Style: Canada Goose is known for its iconic parkas and heavy winter jackets. Eddie Bauer offers a broader range of styles including lighter jackets, fleece, and vests suitable for three-season wear.

Warmth: Canada Goose jackets are warmer due to their premium down insulation and weather-resistant fabrics. They are best for extremely cold climates. Eddie Bauer offers varying insulation levels so some styles are not as warm as Canada Goose for cold winters.

Prices: Canada Goose jackets generally cost a lot more, many times twice as much as comparable Eddie Bauer styles! This is due to their focus on ultra-warm expedition-grade outerwear. But also due to the Canada Goose’s brand positioning.

Brand reputation and positioning: Canada Goose is seen as more of a status symbol brand, especially popular in fashion-forward cities. However, Eddie Bauer has been making outdoor gear for over 100 years and also has a strong reputation for quality.

Features: Both have features such as pockets, adjustments, and technical options for active outdoor use. Canada Goose focuses more on warmth.

In the end, for extreme cold weather, Canada Goose is better due to its unparalleled warmth! Eddie Bauer offers excellent quality and value for a wider range of climates and budgets, making it a good option when a Canada Goose level of warmth is not needed.

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