10 Outdoor Brands like Haglöfs: Our Top Alternatives

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When it comes to outdoor gear, finding the right brand can make all the difference. For mountaineering, hiking, or simply spending time in nature, Haglöfs is a great choice. Haglöfs offers reliable and high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment.

But there are many other top alternatives in the market if you want more options. That’s what we’re here for today!

We’ve selected 10 outdoor brands that are great alternatives to Haglöfs, each with its unique focus on quality, sustainability, and performance. They offer durable outerwear, versatile backpacks, high-performance gear, and a lot more.

These brands are worth keeping in mind for your next outdoor adventure. Let’s explore them all!


1. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen official website womens down jackets
Helly Hansen official website: women’s down jackets

Helly Hansen has gained recognition for its water-resistant clothing, which is not only breathable and highly adaptable but also provides warmth and cold weather protection. Despite all these features, the jackets are also lightweight.

Established in 1877 by Norwegian sea captain Helly Juell Hansen, the company initially focused on producing gear for sailors before transitioning to outdoor equipment, particularly outerwear for mountaineering.

Today, Helly Hansen caters to a wide range of activities and sports, including snowboarding, skiing, hiking, climbing, and water sports, offering products at various prices in the mid-to-high range.

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2. Norrøna

Norrona official website
Norrøna official website

Norrøna, a well-known brand in the outdoor community, offers a diverse range of outdoor products, emphasizing both functionality and sustainability. Since its inception in Norway in 1929, Norrøna has remained devoted to crafting high-quality outdoor gear for over 90 years.

The company has developed an extensive product line, encompassing jackets, pants, backpacks, and accessories suitable for various outdoor pursuits. Recognized for its innovative designs and high-quality materials, Norrøna ensures the durability and robustness of its gear.

Despite the relatively higher cost of Norrøna’s products, the brand remains steadfast in its commitment to utilizing premium and recycled materials in its manufacturing processes.

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3. Arc’teryx

Arcteryx official website
Arc’teryx official website

Arc’teryx, a company renowned for its expertise in outdoor apparel, originated in 1989 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Initially focused on producing climbing equipment, the brand expanded its offerings to encompass sportswear and backpacks. Notably, the Vapor harness achieved early fame, leading to the integration of its technology into the Bora backpack.

Arc’teryx is particularly esteemed for its high-performance jackets tailored for pursuits such as climbing, trekking, and winter sports. Presently, the brand offers a large array of jackets available for purchase both in physical retail outlets and online, with prices ranging from $300 to $1000.

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4. Patagonia

Patagonia official website
Patagonia official website

The American outdoor apparel company Patagonia is renowned for its outstanding quality, resilience, and environmental consciousness.

Founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, the brand has emerged as a frontrunner in the outdoor sector, delivering dependable and enduring gear. Its diverse clothing line encompasses rain jackets, insulated jackets, trousers, fleeces, shirts, and more.

Emphasizing sustainability, Patagonia integrates recycled materials into many of its offerings and allocates a portion of its earnings to environmental initiatives. It upholds stringent standards for its suppliers to guarantee fair treatment of employees.

Boasting versatility and durability, the company’s products are well-suited for a variety of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, camping, climbing, etc.

Patagonia’s popular jackets such as the Nano Puff and Torrentshell are known for their versatility and performance, retailing from $100 to over $300.

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5. Fjällräven

Fjallraven official website
Fjällräven official website

In 1960, Åke Nordin established Fjällräven in Sweden after creating a comfortable backpack for hiking. As interest in the backpack grew within local communities, the brand gained prominence.

The brand’s name, “Fjällräven,” translating to “Arctic Fox” in Swedish, is displayed in the company’s logo which showcases a beautifully stylized fox.

Apart from the well-liked Kånken backpack, Fjällräven provides a broad selection of top-notch outerwear and apparel suitable for mountain climbing and hiking. Renowned for its superior quality, some of its jackets are priced as high as $750 and more.

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6. RAB

RAB official website
RAB official website

RAB, a UK-based manufacturer, is well-known for its top-notch outdoor gear tailored to mountaineers and hikers. Since the 1980s, RAB has built a reputation for utilizing exceptional materials and pioneering designs.

The company’s range includes jackets, pants, base layers, sleeping bags, and gloves, all characterized by their lightweight, durable, and comfortable nature, catering to outdoor adventurers.

Among RAB’s popular products is the Microlight Alpine jacket, crafted from compressible, lightweight down material, offering superb warmth and protection. Its practical yet stylish design is constructed from premium materials.

RAB prioritizes ethical manufacturing and sustainable processes while making high-performance gear. For outdoor enthusiasts seeking innovative designs, quality, and meticulous attention to detail, RAB is a brand worth considering, despite the premium pricing.

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7. Mammut

Mammut official website down jackets
Mammut official website: down jackets

Mammut, a renowned Swiss company, boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1862 and provides an array of outdoor merchandise. The company emphasizes its commitment to utilizing top-tier materials to satisfy customers’ needs.

With a diverse selection of options on offer, you can easily find what you’re looking for at Mammut. The company is devoted to crafting products that protect against harsh outdoor environments, especially their range of jackets.

Mammut’s jackets are not only suitable for outdoor use but also versatile for various settings in the city.

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8. Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin official website
Jack Wolfskin’s official website

Jack Wolfskin, a German outdoor apparel company, was founded in 1981 by Ulrich Dausien, who drew inspiration from nature during his hiking experiences. Dausien’s passion for exploration and camping motivated him to establish his enterprise to offer reasonably priced outdoor wear.

At present, Jack Wolfskin stands as one of the most renowned outdoor apparel companies in Germany and across Europe.

The company provides a diverse selection of clothing options, such as tops, jackets, bottoms, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, etc., all crafted from premium and sustainable materials suitable for individuals of all genders, sizes, and age brackets.

Their primary products cater to hikers and adventurers, encompassing both apparel and gear.

Jack Wolfskin’s pricing spans from high-end to budget-friendly, ensuring accessibility for all consumers, no matter their financial means.

The brand utilizes various materials, including polyester, nylon, cotton, down, wool, merino wool, elastane, etc., in its apparel, with varying compositions based on the specific product.

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9. The North Face

The North Face official website
The North Face’s official website

The North Face was founded in 1966 in San Francisco, California, by Douglas Tompkins and Susie Tompkins Buell. The company’s logo is a stylized depiction of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park and has gained global recognition.

Nowadays, The North Face is under the ownership of VF Corporation, which also possesses several other outdoor brands. The North Face offers a diverse selection of outdoor gear, such as backpacks, down jackets, rain jackets, parkas, camping tents, sleeping bags, trekking shoes, etc.

The brand has developed innovative technologies like DryVent and FUTURELIGHT, known for their breathable and waterproof properties. Despite being a premium brand, The North Face also provides affordably priced items.

In recent years, the company has implemented measures to reduce its environmental footprint and advocate for sustainability through the use of recycled materials.

The Thermoball jacket is a renowned product from The North Face due to its lightweight and compressible synthetic-insulated material that provides warmth even when wet. Another iconic product is the Nuptse down jacket, well-suited for winter conditions.

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10. Columbia

Columbia official website
Columbia official website

Columbia Sportswear, an internationally recognized outdoor brand, was founded in Portland, Oregon by Paul Lamfrom in 1938. Currently, the company has a global presence with retail outlets worldwide, catering to those looking for adventures in the outdoors.

The brand utilizes a diverse range of nylon and polyester materials, with their down-insulated products being certified by the Responsible Down Standard, ensuring ethical animal care practices.

Additionally, Columbia has introduced a recycling program named ReThreads, encouraging people to contribute with their pre-owned clothing. The company provides an extensive array of reasonably priced items, ensuring accessibility to a broad customer base.

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