Marmot vs Canada Goose Jackets: Which Brand is Better?

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Marmot vs Canada Goose Jackets comparison

Marmot jackets are usually better suited for active outdoor activities like mountaineering, hiking, and camping, while Canada Goose parkas excel for use in cold urban settings and extreme cold weather expeditions!

Let’s explore why by going through these brands’ histories, materials, main products, and prices (there are major differences)!

In the end, you’ll have a clearer idea about where to get your next jacket from.


1. Marmot Jackets

History of the Brand

Marmot official website
Marmot official website

Marmot, an American brand established in the 1970s (in 1974, more precisely), specializes in technical apparel, insulated jackets, and outdoor equipment for activities such as hiking and climbing.

Founded by two students, Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntly, at the University of California Santa Cruz, the Marmot Mountain Club originated during a school project in Alaska.

The duo, along with Tom Boyce, later established Marmot Mountain Works, a renowned brand offering high-quality products for outdoor enthusiasts, including jackets, tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks.

The brand’s dedication to innovation is evident through the direct testing of products by mountain guides and top athletes in the field.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Marmot utilizes high-quality materials in their jackets and gear, including Nylon and Polyester, common among outdoor brands.

They incorporate Gore-Tex technology to repel water while allowing sweat vapor to escape, ensuring breathability. This technology is particularly suitable for extreme activities, enhancing fabric resistance to water.

Additionally, Marmot employs high-insulating materials like natural down and PrimaLoft synthetic insulation to separate cold and hot air.

The brand’s commitment to addressing outdoor challenges is evident in its development of new materials and technologies, for example, Marmot MemBrain, a high-performance, breathable, and waterproof membrane, as well as NanoPro.

Also, Marmot prioritizes sustainability by minimizing environmental impact in its production and manufacturing processes and utilizing eco-friendly materials such as EvoDry for rain jackets and Featherless, a down insulation alternative. You can read more about Marmot’s sustainability efforts on their website.

Marmot | WarmCube: Innovation

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Where are Marmot jackets made?

Most of Marmot’s jackets are produced in Asian countries, such as China and Vietnam.

Recommended Products

Marmot Men’s Guides Down Hoody

Marmot Mens Guides Down Hoody
Check it out at

The Marmot Men’s Guides Down Hoody represents a versatile winter puffer jacket suitable for everyday wear and outdoor pursuits. Crafted with a 100% recycled polyester ripstop exterior and a cozy combination of 700 fill power 80% recycled down and 20% Kapok Flower down, it delivers sustainable comfort against the cold.

This jacket offers excellent packability, serving as a practical addition to your layering collection. Important features include zippered chest and hand pockets, an adaptable drawcord hood and hem, and flexible cuffs to retain warmth.

Whether you’re engaging in winter sports, venturing into mountain trails, or simply enjoying a winter stroll, this hoody is made to ensure warmth and comfort while maintaining breathability.

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Marmot Women’s GORE-TEX Orion Jacket

Marmot Womens GORE-TEX Orion Jacket
Check it out at

The Marmot Women’s GORE-TEX Orion Jacket is a high-performance ski jacket for enthusiasts of powder skiing and ski resorts. Made from upcycled 3-layer GORE-TEX® material, it delivers waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection, ensuring dryness even in wet conditions.

The jacket has a RECCO® Avalanche Rescue Reflector for enhanced mountain safety, a helmet-compatible adjustable hood for complete coverage, and a fixed powder skirt to prevent snow ingress.

For active skiers, the PitZips provide adaptable ventilation for regulating body temperature, while water-repellent pocket zippers safeguard your necessities. The fit can be tailored with adjustable VELCRO® cuffs, and articulated elbows guarantee unrestricted movement.

The jacket is crafted with comfort and protection in mind, no matter the outdoor sport or activity you’ll use it for.

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Marmot’s pricing is in line with the high quality the brand provides. With a dedication to the outdoor community, they focus on guaranteeing specific performance standards, resulting in materials of above-average quality.

Marmot’s jackets are available from $100 to $650, with the most insulated and high-performance jackets having the higher price tag. So, in general, Marmot is known as a mid-to-high-priced brand.

Are Marmot products worth the price?

Yes, we believe that every jacket they offer is a good investment. And this is the thought of numerous other internet reviewers. The materials are of great durability and can last for a long time.

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2. Canada Goose Jackets

History of the Brand

Canada Goose official website mens Langford parka heritage
Canada Goose official website: Men’s Langford Parka Heritage

Canada Goose is a popular brand, especially in North America, recognized for its high-quality, warm, and durable down jackets. The company was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1957 under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd. before rebranding to Canada Goose upon expanding in Europe.

While initially focused on raincoats and woolen vests, the company later diversified into various practical outdoor clothing. In the 1970s, Canada Goose unveiled its inaugural down jacket, swiftly capturing the public’s attention.

The brand is highly regarded for its winter coats and parkas, providing exceptional insulation surpassing that of other brands reliant on technical fabrics. This is attributed to the use of premium-quality natural down insulation, recognized as the finest option available.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Canada Goose coats are mostly manufactured in Canada and undergo a comprehensive 13-step process to ensure the creation of a comfortable, weather-resistant, and well-insulated jacket. The brand places significant emphasis on quality and ensures that all products meet their rigorous standards.

The coats are constructed from high-quality materials such as Polyester, Nylon, and Cotton, which can be used as is or as part of the brand’s exclusive fabrics like Arctic Tech.

To safeguard the down insulation from moisture, the coats’ shells are regularly treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) as wet down loses its fluffiness and insulating properties.

Canada Goose responsibly sources its natural down from Ducks and Geese and ensures that it complies with the Responsible Down Standard. The down’s fill power is also notably high in numerous coats.

Many Canada Goose coats include hoods with natural fur trim to protect the face from cold winds, especially during blizzards. However, the brand has been progressively phasing out genuine fur in recent years by either eliminating it or using faux fur.

Our Commitment to Quality | Canada Goose

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Recommended Products

Canada Goose Women’s Paradigm Expedition Parka

Canada Goose Womens Paradigm Expedition Parka
Check it out at

The Canada Goose Women’s Paradigm Expedition Parka is a modern jacket featuring an adaptable down-filled hood with a detachable brim for maximum protection during harsh weather. Produced in Canada, it comes in white with no hood trim and a mid-thigh length.

The parka offers a spacious fit, incorporating an internal drawcord at the waist for personalized adjustment and heat retention. Its two-way front zipper, along with a placket, ensures additional coverage, while zippered side gussets enhance mobility and ventilation.

With six exterior pockets and three interior pockets, this parka is filled with 750 Fill Power Responsibly Sourced Duck Down, designed to endure the harshest winter conditions. It’s made from Recycled Organic Arctic Tech®, a heritage-inspired fabric comprising 85% Recycled Polyester and 15% Organic Cotton.

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Canada Goose Men’s Lawrence Puffer

Canada Goose Mens Lawrence Puffer
Check it out at

The Canada Goose Men’s Lawrence Puffer jacket is a classic product that delivers excellent protection for everyday use. Crafted from Recycled Enduraluxe, a durable water-resistant material with a soft feel, this jacket seamlessly combines functionality with style.

It boasts a quilted body, an adaptable hood, and a two-way front zipper for enhanced flexibility and airflow. With an extended back hem for added coverage and a reflective double-stripe grab strap at the back, this jacket is thoughtfully designed.

It also includes two outer fleece-lined pockets and three interior pockets. This jacket is filled with 750 Fill Power Responsibly Sourced Duck Down and is produced in Canada.

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Canada Goose winter jackets vary in price from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the style of jacket or coat you want to purchase. So, we have a luxury-level brand in this case!

Although the price of such premium winter coats may appear excessive, the real question is whether this brand justifies your investment.

Are Canada Goose jackets worth the price?

In our opinion, Canada Goose coats are worth it if you live or work in extremely cold areas. Few items can rival the warmth, quality, and performance of Canada Goose, and the workmanship is exceptional.

We think the price is justified, given that a Canada Goose jacket usually lasts for years, reducing the need for frequent repurchases.

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3. Which is Better for Jackets? Marmot or Canada Goose?

Both are great brands for warm winter jackets! But where should you get your next coat from? Here’s what to keep in mind for an easier decision:

  • Marmot is known for making high-quality and performance-driven outdoor gear at more affordable prices than Canada Goose. Marmot jackets are very lightweight and packable.
  • Canada Goose is a luxury, status brand known for its signature parkas with warm down insulation. Canada Goose jackets focus on style and warmth with premium natural down. But, they’re very expensive! Over $1,000 expensive!
  • Marmot uses high-quality down and synthetic insulations. Marmot jackets are lighter and more compressible but less warm than those of Canada Goose.
  • Canada Goose parkas are exceptionally warm and durable but quite heavy. Marmot offers a wider range of jacket styles suitable for different climates and activities.
  • Marmot jackets come in at 1/3 to 1/2 the price of comparable Canada Goose jackets.
  • Canada Goose has the prestige factor but Marmot is generally considered better value for the money you pay. Marmot is the better choice for active outdoor activities while Canada Goose excels in the coldest winters.

In the end, Marmot provides excellent performance and features at a more reasonable price while Canada Goose offers maximum warmth and luxury styling but at a premium cost. Marmot is usually better for outdoor activities like mountaineering and camping, while Canada Goose is better for cold urban settings and expeditions.

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