Helly Hansen vs Canada Goose: Which is Better?

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Helly Hansen vs Canada Goose jackets comparison

Helly Hansen and Canada Goose are two of the most renowned outerwear brands, but they have distinct backgrounds and specialties.

Helly Hansen, founded in Norway in 1877, is known for its technical gear for mountaineering and sailing.

Canada Goose, established in Toronto in 1957, has built its reputation on premium winter parkas.

While both brands offer high-quality, performance jackets, Helly Hansen is favored for activities like skiing and sailing. Canada Goose is mostly used for casual urban winter activities and expeditions.

In this article, we’ll explore the history, manufacturing, sustainability, pricing, and product offerings of these two industry leaders.

In the end, you’ll have a better idea about where you should get your next jacket from.


1. Helly Hansen Jackets

History of the Brand

Helly Hansen official website
Helly Hansen’s official website

Helly Hansen, a Norwegian company founded in 1877 by sea captain Helly Juell Hansen and his wife, is well-known for its water and mountain gear.

Hansen, as a sea captain, was dedicated to developing high-quality gear to protect sailors from the extreme weather conditions of the Northern seas.

Over the past 140 years, the brand has evolved and expanded its product range to serve a wider range of activities beyond sailing. Helly Hansen is favored by skiing enthusiasts, and many ski resorts rely on the brand for their staff’s gear.

The company remains a global leader in sailing gear and clothing, and it is also popular among professionals and hobbyists. Additionally, the brand focuses on the mountain gear sector, providing clothing and equipment for activities such as mountaineering, hiking, skiing, and backpacking.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Helly Hansen incorporates water-resistant treatments into its clothing to safeguard sailors and fishermen in extreme ocean conditions.

Helly Tech, their leading fabric technology, is featured in their jackets and other garments, offering both breathability and exceptional waterproofing. This combination is comparable to the well-known Gore-Tex.

The brand also utilizes popular fabrics such as Nylon, Polyester, Wool, and Fleece, many of which are recycled, along with RDS-certified natural Down insulation.

Recognizing the environment as a crucial asset, Helly Hansen prioritizes environmental protection and ethical values in their manufacturing processes. You can read more about the company’s sustainability initiatives on its website.

Helly Hansen / Alive Since 1877 (full edit)

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Where are Helly Hansen jackets made?

Helly Hansen produces its outdoor apparel and jackets primarily in nations like China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Turkey. Additionally, they acquire their textiles and components from facilities situated in both Asia and Europe. (source)

Recommended Products

Helly Hansen Verglas Infinity Men’s Shell Jacket

Helly Hansen Verglas Infinity Mens Shell Jacket
Image: hellyhansen.com
Check it out at HellyHansen.com

The Helly Hansen Verglas Infinity Men’s Jacket has been specifically developed in collaboration with professionals who face unpredictable weather conditions for extended periods in mountainous regions. It’s great for backcountry skiing, hiking, and mountaineering.

The jacket incorporates the brand’s LIFA INFINITY™ technology, known for its high waterproof and breathable properties, achieved without the use of chemicals. The jacket is constructed using recycled face fabric and is treated with a PFC-free durable water repellent, emphasizing its eco-friendly nature.

This hard shell design provides optimal protection and is compatible with helmets, backpacks, and harnesses. Additional features include pit zips for ventilation, a RECCO® transponder, and a waist drawcord for enhanced wind protection.

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Helly Hansen Women’s Bouvet Down Parka

Helly Hansen Womens Bouvet Down Parka
Image: hellyhansen.com
Check it out at HellyHansen.com

The Helly Hansen Women’s Bouvet Down Parka presents a fashionable and practical option for winter, delivering warmth and comfort with a hint of Nordic minimalism.

Constructed with a 100% polyester outer shell featuring a PFC-free water-repellent coating, it ensures dryness, while the responsibly sourced duck-down insulation guarantees ethical warmth. This parka boasts an adjustable hood and hem, a buttoned front placket, and a detachable faux fur trim for personalized style.

It also includes various pockets, such as hand pockets with a soft brushed lining and internal stash pockets for your necessities. Additionally, ribbed inner cuffs offer extra warmth, fold-up reflectives enhance visibility in low light, and a dependable YKK zipper secures the parka.

The discreet HH metal logo tab serves as a subtle brand accent. This down parka seamlessly combines fashion, comfort, and sustainable design for urban winter wear.

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Helly Hansen is known for its mid to high-range pricing, with jackets ranging from $75 to $2,000. The highest-priced coats are designed for expeditions and extreme cold conditions.

Are Helly Hansen jackets worth the price?

The cost of this brand may seem high and out of reach for many, but it’s difficult to find anything more affordable that offers the same level of quality and long-lasting performance, especially when it comes to high-performance outdoor gear and jackets.

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2. Canada Goose Jackets

History of the Brand

Canada Goose official website mens Langford parka heritage
Canada Goose official website: Men’s Langford Parka Heritage

Canada Goose is a famous brand in North America celebrated for its durable and premium down coats and parkas. Established in Toronto, Canada, in 1957 as Metro Sportswear Ltd., the company later rebranded to Canada Goose after expanding its presence in Europe.

Initially, the company focused on manufacturing raincoats and woolen vests but eventually diversified into a range of practical outdoor clothing. In the 1970s, Canada Goose introduced its inaugural down jackets, which quickly gained widespread popularity.

The brand is esteemed for its winter wear, providing exceptional insulation in comparison to other brands that rely on technical fabrics, attributed to the use of top-quality natural down insulation, widely regarded as the finest available.

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Materials, Fabrics, and Production Process

Canada Goose jackets undergo a thorough 13-step process in their manufacturing which happens mainly in Canada to create a high-quality, weather-resistant, and well-insulated product. The brand prioritizes quality and guarantees that all items meet their rigorous standards.

These jackets are made from top-notch materials like Polyester, Nylon, and Cotton, which are used as they are or as part of the brand’s exclusive fabrics like Arctic Tech.

To protect the down insulation from moisture, the jackets’ shells are regularly treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) because damp down loses its fluffiness and insulating properties.

Canada Goose ethically sources its natural down from Ducks and Geese and ensures that it adheres to the Responsible Down Standard. Many Canada Goose jackets have down insulation with a high fill power.

Some coats also include natural fur trim for protection against cold winds, especially during severe blizzards. However, the brand has been gradually moving away from real fur in recent years by either removing it entirely or using faux fur.

Our Commitment to Quality | Canada Goose

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Recommended Products

Canada Goose Women’s Paradigm Expedition Parka

Canada Goose Womens Paradigm Expedition Parka
Image: canadagoose.com
Check it out at CanadaGoose.com

The Women’s Paradigm Expedition Parka by Canada Goose is a contemporary jacket designed with an adaptable down-filled hood featuring a detachable brim for superior protection in harsh conditions. Manufactured in Canada, it boasts a white color, mid-thigh length, and no hood trim.

The parka offers a spacious fit and includes an internal drawcord at the waist for personalized adjustment and heat retention. Additionally, it’s equipped with a two-way front zipper with a placket for added coverage, zippered side gussets for enhanced mobility and ventilation, six exterior pockets, and three interior pockets.

Filled with 750-Fill-Power Responsibly Sourced Duck Down, the parka is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. It utilizes Recycled Organic Arctic Tech®, a traditional fabric made of 85% Recycled Polyester and 15% Organic Cotton.

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Canada Goose Men’s Lawrence Puffer

Canada Goose Mens Lawrence Puffer
Image: canadagoose.com
Check it out at CanadaGoose.com

The Canada Goose Men’s Lawrence Puffer coat is a classic garment that delivers exceptional protection for everyday use. Crafted from Recycled Enduraluxe, a robust water-repellent material with a soft feel, this coat seamlessly combines functionality with style.

It showcases a quilted body, an adaptable hood, and a two-way front zipper for enhanced mobility and airflow. Additionally, the extended back hem provides extra coverage, while a reflective double-stripe grab strap is located at the back.

The coat also boasts two outer fleece-lined pockets and three interior pockets. It’s filled with 750 Fill Power Responsibly Sourced Duck Down and is produced in Canada.

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Canada Goose winter jackets are expensive, priced from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the specific style of the jacket or coat you want to buy. Although the price of these premium winter coats may appear excessive, the real consideration is whether the investment is worth it.

Are Canada Goose jackets worth the price?

We think, Canada Goose coats offer exceptional value. The warmth, quality, and performance of Canada Goose are unparalleled, and the workmanship is great. We believe that the investment is worth it, given that a Canada Goose jacket tends to last for years, minimizing the need to frequently replace it.

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3. Which is Better? Helly Hansen or Canada Goose?

Helly Hansen and Canada Goose are both great brands. They have many differences as they specialize in different types of outerwear. But they both make good winter jackets, the product we’re focused on in this comparison.

So, you should get your jacket from Canada Goose or Helly Hansen? Here are our considerations to make your decision easier:

  • Helly Hansen is a Norwegian company that focuses more on technical outdoor and sports apparel like ski jackets, sailing gear, etc. Canada Goose is a Canadian company best known for their premium winter parkas.
  • Canada Goose parkas are filled with high-quality duck or goose down for maximum warmth, whereas Helly Hansen uses a mix of down, PrimaLoft synthetic insulation, and other technical materials depending on the intended use.
  • Canada Goose is significantly more expensive: their parkas can cost from $1,000 to $2,000. Helly Hansen’s jackets are in the range of $75 to $2,000.
  • Helly Hansen has a wider variety of cold-weather gear for activities like skiing, sailing, and mountaineering. Canada Goose is more focused on casual, urban winter parkas, expedition parkas, and lighter jackets.
  • Canada Goose is known for its iconic fur-trimmed hoods on their parkas, although it’s recently moving away from real fur. Helly Hansen does not use real fur.
  • In terms of quality and performance, both are excellent brands used by professionals and for extremely cold conditions. However, Canada Goose is considered a luxury status symbol by many.

In the end, if you specifically want a premium quality parka for daily winter use in very cold areas, Canada Goose is the better choice in our opinion, but at a higher price. If you need technical outerwear for sports and outdoor activities, Helly Hansen offers great quality and value.

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