9 Swedish Outdoor Clothing and Jackets Brands: Our Favorites

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town buildings in Sweden

Are you a fan of Swedish culture? No one does it better than Sweden when it comes to outdoor clothing! Why? Mainly because of their landscape.

Sweden is a beautiful Nordic country that embraces its nature and woods. That is why Swedes needed to adapt through sturdy clothing that was fit for their environment.

In this post, we shed light on several Swedish outdoor clothing and jacket brands that you need to check out, so stick around.


1. Haglöfs

Haglofs official website
Haglöfs official website

Haglöfs are “Outsiders By Nature.” Founded by Wiktor Haglöf in 1914, the company is all about thinking outside the box. It revolves around the beauty and serenity of the outdoors.

Haglöf began with a toolbox and a dream to create a durable backpack. After accomplishing this dream, he moved on to creating clothing with the same quality.

Now, the brand specializes in all kinds of attire and accessories needed to enjoy the outdoors. They offer products for men, women, and children.

Haglöfs makes clothing for any activity that involves the outdoors. So if you’re a camper, hiker, athlete, or even a worker, Haglöfs is a good place to shop.

Not only are the materials they use durable and withstand extreme conditions, but they are also eco-friendly. Because of this, their prices can be a bit high, ranging from $150 to $600.

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2. Tretorn

Tretorn official website
Tretorn official website

Tretorn started out as a rubber company that manufactured shoes in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1891. From then on, they expanded to producing clothing for women, men, preteens, and kids.

Their brand revolves around creating durable outdoor clothes that possess a sophisticated city feel – the best of both worlds.

They have a more limited demographic that revolves around those who enjoy the outdoors but prefer the city look. Their clothes are suitable for a night out or a campout!

Their main specialty is shoes, but their clothing is just as reliable and high quality. They use recycled materials that are durable, waterproof, and help the environment.

Tretorn is fairly affordable since its prices range from $70 to $150.

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3. Fjällräven

Fjallraven official website
Fjällräven official website

Fjällräven was founded in the 1960s by Åke Nordin in Sweden. Nordin’s vision was to make all the outdoors accessible to everyone, no matter how extreme the weather conditions may be.

Nordin started by creating backpacks and tents, then slowly increased the brand’s exposure to clothing.

The materials used have made it possible for any woman, man, or kid to spend a night outdoors no matter the conditions. But how?

Well, one of Fjällräven’s materials is G-1000, which is water-resistant, mosquito-proof, highly breathable, and remarkably durable.

Fjällräven avoids using fluorocarbons and PCF to protect the environment. Moreover, many of their materials are eco-friendly.

They’re decently priced for the quality you get. Their prices range from $100 to $200, but their highly-insulated down jackets can reach $700.

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4. Didriksons

Didriksons official website
Didriksons official website

Didriksons was founded by Julius and Hanna Didrikson in 1913 in Grundsund, Sweden. They started by producing coats for fishermen with sustainable and durable material.

They specialize in creating waterproof coats and clothing for women, kids, and men. So if it rains often in your area, then Didriksons is the best place to shop!

Didriksons is constantly working on sustainable projects that research materials that last as long as possible without causing any harm to the environment.

Their prices can range from $100 to $300 because of how long-lasting their products are. So in the long run, they’re very affordable.

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5. WeSC

WeSC official website
WeSC official website

We Are the Superlative Conspiracy (WeSC) was founded in Stockholm, in 1999. WeSC strikes an excellent balance between durable outdoor clothing and modern, hip styles.

So, if you prefer casual, youth-based styles that use pops of colors and cool patterns but also looking for clothing that is suitable for the outdoors, this shop would be perfect for you.

They use durable, waterproof material to produce fun-styled clothing that adds spice to your wardrobe.

All of WeSC’s products are unisex, which makes their products very inclusive. They also have a kids’ collection. Their prices are pretty affordable, ranging from $100 to $130.

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6. Stutterheim

Stutterheim official website
Stutterheim official website

Stutterheim is a relatively new company that was founded in 2011 in Stockholm by Alexander Stutterheim. Their clothing gives an insight into Swedish culture.

Stutterheim’s brand revolves around Swedish ideologies of how there’s “no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” They specialize in rainwear for women, men, and kids.

Stutterheim is a notable brand because of its famous 530g fabric, made of rubberized cotton. This material is both soft and waterproof. However, some of their materials aren’t sustainable.

Their prices are on the more expensive side, ranging from $200 to $400.

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7. Klättermusen

Klattermusen official website
Klättermusen official website

In 1975, a village in Åre started a mountaineering equipment company called Klättermusen. Their brand revolved around creating innovative materials and clothing that made mountain climbing safer.

If you enjoy mountain climbing, then Klättermusen is the brand for you. They produce clothes and backpacks for men and women with sustainable materials.

Klättermusen is known for Katla Cotton, which uses bionics principles to create a breathable, waterproof, and durable material.

Klättermusen also continuously works towards making their products more sustainable to decrease their environmental impact as much as possible. Their prices can range from $100 to $200.

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8. Pinewood

Pinewood official website
Pinewood official website

Pinewood was founded in the 1990s in Småland, Sweden. Their aesthetics are inspired mainly by the earthy feel of the outdoors.

They produce clothing for pretty much any outdoor activity you can think of, whether it’s hiking, fishing, camping, or hunting.

One of Pinewood’s core values is sustainability. That is why they are constantly upgrading their materials to be eco-friendly as well as durable and breathable.

Pinewood is probably the most affordable brand on the list since its prices range from $70 to $120.

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9. Peak Performance

Peak Performance official website
Peak Performance official website

Peak Performance was founded in 1986 in Åre, Sweden when two best friends decided to quit their jobs to pursue producing ski gear.

The two friends expanded and went far enough to create casual clothing as well as clothing for any outdoor activity you can think of – even for playing golf!

To sustain the environment, Peak Performance decreases its carbon footprint by avoiding PFCs and using long-lasting materials like the Vertixs collection, which is stretchy and insulated to keep you warm.

Their prices can reach $400 on some products because of the sophisticated technology they use, making it one of the most premium brands on the list.

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